Funky Cottage In Colorado

Some of the weirdest homes in Colorado are located in the historic mountain town of Manitou Springs. House Crazy Sarah was lucky enough to live there for a stint and she almost bought this funky little baby house before stable minds talked her out of it. It's been for sale a couple of times in... Continue Reading →

Stafford’s Weathervane Restaurant In Charlevoix, Michigan

House Crazy Sarah stumbled upon this unique place a few years back during one of her many road trips. She was actually in Charlevoix, Michigan searching for Earl Young "mushroom houses". Earl Young was a fellow house eccentric who built a collection of odd, dumpy-looking stone homes underneath wavy thatch-like roofs from the 1920's through... Continue Reading →

What You Didn’t Know About Famous Authors

House Crazy Sarah's innocence was shattered when she found out that her beloved Nancy Drew was created by A MAN! Carolyn Keene (the supposed author) was not even a real person. The series was written by a long list of different men and women from the 1930's to the 1970's. This discovery has forever shattered... Continue Reading →

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