Scrivener’s Books and Bookbinding Shop In Buxton, England

Scrivener’s Books and Bookbinding in Buxton, England is thrilling for several reasons. For starters, it is a used/rare bookstore loaded with vintage books in a very unique centuries old five-story building. Prior to becoming a bookstore, the building was a Victorian shop with living accommodations. The cellar still houses the old kitchen range and stone... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In The Colorado Mountains

House Crazy Sarah was oot and aboot over the long weekend doing a "stay-cation" not too far from her house in the Colorado mountains. She visited the cool town of Salida, which is known for its access to world-class white water rafting. Salida, like much of Colorado, is opening up after a long period of... Continue Reading →

Historic Hotel Converted To Home In Jefferson Texas

House Crazy Sarah is crazy about old commercial buildings converted into homes. This unique building is located in historic town of Jefferson, Texas. And it is currently for sale for $335,000! The brick two story structure is merely a surviving portion of a 1869 four story hotel built in Jefferson's heyday when it was a... Continue Reading →

1888 South Hill School House in Warren, Vermont

Another little darling New England School House converted to a home! South Hill School House in Warren, Vermont has lovingly been preserved as a summer home by the current owners. And lucky for us house-peepers - it is offered for sale! The former school house is set on 10.68 idyllic acres surrounded by protected meadows... Continue Reading →

Funky Conversation Pits

How fun were the conversation pits of the 1960's and 1970's? There's something about these socially intimate spaces that is just so appealing. When House Crazy Sarah thinks of vintage conversation pits of the 1960's and 70's, she envisions wild sex parties with long-haired men and women and lots of old fashioned pot smoking.  You?... Continue Reading →

Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong’s Time Capsule Home

The Louis Armstrong House Museum in Corona, Queens, New York is an amazing vintage home frozen in time. Louis Armstrong and his wife Lucille Wilson resided here all the way from 1943 until his death in 1971. Lucille then gave ownership of the home to the city of New York with the stipulation that the... Continue Reading →

Surreal Flying House Photography by Laurent Chehere

House Crazy Sarah is enamored with these pseudo-photos of houses sailing through mid air. France based photographer Laurent Chehere is the artist/magician behind these captivating images. Chehere takes Parisian homes and urban apartment buildings and yanks them out of their expected neighborhood backdrops and then sets them hovering in the clouds. These "photomontages" are part... Continue Reading →

Two 1700’s Homes For Sale In Valley Forge Pennsylvania

Look at these two historic beauties for sale in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania! The official address is: Corner Of Rt 23 And Pawlings Road You know they're old when the address is a crossroads. Both of these structures were built in the 1700's, and the listing claims that General Howe of the British Army stayed here... Continue Reading →

Naughty Needlework

Most of these delightfully naughty needlepoints are not truly vintage works - some of them clearly reflect modern sensibilities. For that reason, they are even more fun to look at. Needlepoint, or cross stitch, has historically been used by women to practice their needlework skills and to decorate homes. But contemporary women have raised the... Continue Reading →

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