Book Club For Introverts

book club for introverts

House Crazy Sarah thinks this is an awesome idea! My Canadian friend Marie told me about these “Silent Book Clubs” and House Crazy Sarah is digging it.

Here’s how they work: you just grab a group of people, pick a spot, bring WHATEVER book you want, and read silently together!

This way, there is no pressure to read a certain book by a certain date (especially if you hate the book!), and no pressure to open your mouth and say words!

This is a dream for introverts like House Crazy Sarah who love to read but hate being forced to speak about a book. House Crazy Sarah is not good at the spoken word and often sounds like a batty old lady when she tries to say anything intelligible out loud. With silent book clubs, she doesn’t have to say a word. Maybe grunt and sigh and giggle to show her approval or disapproval, but that’s it!

book club for introverts

This type of no-pressure book club also works great for people who are 5-page readers. 5-page readers are those who get five pages into a book and dislike it so much, they simply can’t go on.

Gone are the days folks of having to suffer through 300 pages of dribble just so you don’t look a slacker at your next book club!

Also, you can read whatever smut or mindless brain-candy you feel like. None of this intelligencia cerebral ego crap. Someone might be reading Tolstoy or Nabokov and you can show up with your Harlequin Romance or your My Little Pony comic book.

book club for introverts

You can be silently subversive and no one can make any snooty, judgmental comments because they’re not allowed to talk!

House Crazy Sarah is all over this one.

You can read more about this phenomena on

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