Fun With Trees

tree house in Oregon
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Who hasn’t wanted to live in a tree house? Only simpletons want to live on the ground. House Crazy Sarah has not had the opportunity to dwell in a tree house (yet) but she loves trees and she loves houses, so it is inevitable my friends.

Look at some of these funky houses with trees / trees with houses that are floating around on the interwebs…

trees growing through house
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This one pictured above was once an elaborate tree house built for some little princess. But princesses grow up and move away.  🙁

trees growing over old house
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House Crazy Sarah is not sure what or where this one is (above). Someone sent her the photo on Facebook. But doesn’t it make your skin crawl?

Below… it’s hard to determine if the trees are growing through the house, or just on the house.

trees growing on house roof
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Either way, it’s one of them ‘living roofs’.

The house below looks as though it was actually built around the tree(s).

trees growing through houses
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Here’s another homeowner who cared more about the tree than resale value:

house built around tree
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A closer view:

house built around tree
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What happens when the tree grows?

The home below was designed to have a sort of tree-trarium:

house built around tree
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But what happens when it rains???

Below, House Crazy Sarah has never seen such a thing…

unique house entry
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Tree calisthenics. How cool!

The homeowner (below) lost a large tree in her yard, but she kept the stump and had it turned into a little free library. So now it’s a little tree library!

tree house little free library
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House Crazy Sarah concludes with the following words of wisdom:

Trees are always a relief after people.

– David Mitchell



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