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gun crazy Americans
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House Crazy Sarah was on vacation in Canada this past week and her heart was broken again by more mass shootings in the United States – 2 within 24 hours. There’s not even time to process the tragedies, they just keep coming, one after another, and House Crazy Sarah is numb, as I’m sure you are too.

Mass shootings have become so frequent in the US, that you now have people who have survived not one, but TWO mass shootings as has been the case with several people in the news who survived the Las Vegas massacre, and now subsequent shootings.

The nightly news in Canada this past week was all about the gun violence in the United States, and it was the talk of Canadians. Like the rest of the world, Canadians wonder why gun violence is so prevalent in America?

gun crazy Americans
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No one has really been able to figure out the answer to that yet except some theories about violent video games and mentally ill people. But most every other country in the world has violent video games, and certainly people all over the world have mental illness. So why is it only America whose bar goes off the charts in comparison with mass shootings in every other country in the world?

Americans who love their guns will tell you that is it their God-given right to bear arms. But as House Crazy Sarah’s uncle Gar pointed out, this must mean that God only loves America because God didn’t give any other country in the world the right to bear arms like the Americans. Is it true that God only loves America? Or as uncle Gar put it, “Do Americans OWN God?”

House Crazy Sarah is very sad about the state of affairs in America. And regardless of what the root causes are of America’s massive gun problem, we have to seek a solution so that no more people die.

Uncle Gar had a great suggestion. He argued that guns don’t kill people, and, really, people with guns don’t kill people, BULLETS are the things that actually kill people. So why not ban all the bullets?

House Crazy Sarah thinks this is a brilliant idea! Americans could still have stock piles of their beloved guns, hundreds of guns per American, guns up the wazoo, but they could never kill another living soul because there would be no bullets!

But House Crazy Sarah, you say, guns are no fun if they can’t go pow-pow-pow.

Well House Crazy Sarah says, too bad so sad, because the Second Amendment in the United States constitution only protects the individual right to keep and bear arms, not to actually own and use bullets. Even God didn’t give the God-given right to Americans to own bullets because God doesn’t actually like killing. He wants to keep Americans happy so they can have their precious guns, but no bullets means no more dead people and God would like for the killing to stop.

So House Crazy Sarah thinks the solution to America’s insane gun problem is quite simple: BAN ALL THE BULLETS!

(Thanks uncle Gar!)

 ~ House Crazy Sarah

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  1. Thank you. I suspect it’s because the National Rifle Association donates a lot of $ to certain politicians. Guns are the #1 cause of death of children in the US. It’s heartbreaking but we will continue to speak for sanity, and vote for those who vote for sanity as well.

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