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Here, House Crazy Sarah will share with you where she lives. Although she is only in her forties, she has already owned six houses in her lifetime. She LOVES houses and makes a habit out of living in as many of them as possible. She particularly loves old houses with character or crazy, unique homes.

She is currently searching for a new special place to call home, having recently relocated from Colorado to Canada.

Her last house, “Little Green”, was a charming country cottage in rural Colorado.

little green cottage

Little Green was built in 1930 so she has seen some history. House Crazy Sarah acquired Little Green in the fall of 2017. Sadly, she sold Little Green in June of 2021. Saying goodbye to this special cottage was tremendously difficult for House Crazy Sarah.

House Crazy Sarah

Little Green was an exceptionally cozy, light-filled, and charming home – though she had her old house quirks!

Here are some interior pictures:

Fun fact about Little Green: she was actually built in the center of town and picked up and moved to her current location in the country several decades ago. Which is surprising because she looks like she has been on that property all her life!

little country cottage

Little Green’s move to the country explains why all her walls, ceilings, and floors are wavier than the North Atlantic in November. Nevertheless, she was loved. 


A previous home owned by House Crazy Sarah was featured prominently on her former blog so there are many images of it still floating around on the internet. She called it “Anna Maria Money Pit”.

House Crazy Sarah

Although it was a beautiful home, Anna Maria Money Pit was one of the oldest inhabited houses in Colorado (built sometime in the 1870’s) and as such, sucked up an exorbitant amount of money just to stay on life support. House Crazy Sarah grew tired of the constant upkeep, so she eventually sold it to some people of means who have been giving it new life.

House Crazy Sarah has left a piece of her soul in every house she has ever lived in, and in some cases, she even left buried or hidden treasures that some person will unearth 100 years from now and wonder who this crazy house lady was.


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