In The Time Of Coronavirus

House Crazy Sarah was made for times like these… staying shut in her house, away from all the peoples, hunkered down in her pajamas… It is a dream scenario for us introverts.

when you find you daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine"

The problem is, House Crazy Sarah isn’t stuck at home like most everyone else. She’s still at work.  🙁

Her current job is a hybrid between social work-y stuff and civil service-y stuff so she has been deemed “mission essential” in this time of global crisis. So every day, rather than sleeping in late in her nice warm bed, enjoying the calm and quiet of her peaceful home, she has to get dressed, tame her fluffy hair, put on make-up, and go out into the trenches.

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This past week she has been working with all the poor peoples who have lost their jobs. She has heard so many sad stories that the panic and desperation has made her highly sensitive introvert heart overladen with grief. She has been coming home absolutely exhausted every day and goes to bed by 7:30pm so she can get up and do it all over again the next day.

It is taking its toll on House Crazy Sarah and we are only one week into this Coronavirus crisis.

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She tries to make the best of it by taking advantage of all the take-out and delivery food one could possibly eat. (She’s spent more money in the last week trying to support local restaurants from going under that she should be up for the Nobel Prize in Economics).

She is thankful her noisy children are safe at home and gives them chores to do every day so it lessons the load on her. She is thankful she is still getting a paycheck. She is also grateful her pound puppies have the kiddos to keep them company all day long!

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But she sees people complaining on social media about how they have to stay home and be bored and it makes her sizzling angry and lime-green with envy.

She wishes she could stay home and have the time and space to write her third novel (which has been bursting to come out for some time now).

House Crazy Sarah and the Coronavirus

She wishes she could wake up with the sun (rather than at the crack of dawn and her annoying alarm) and leisurely have her coffee and mediate in the quiet of her kids sleeping in until noon. She wishes she could be safe in her little green house and she could stay home for days and days without ever having to put on makeup.

But no, that is not her lot (at least not yet).

For all you’s who are comfy and safe at home on your couches…

Please spare a thought for all those working peoples who don’t get to stay home. Those grocery store workers who barely make a living wage, those doctors and nurses and their grueling 12 hour shifts, those truck driver and their 20 hours shifts.

1918 influenza pandemic pictures


And in honor of this time of coronavirus, why not make something beautiful for the world? If you are not a creator, then do something beautiful for the world. Give blood, volunteer at food pantry distributions, tend to that garden you’ve always wanted to have.

And most importantly of all, NEVER, EVER lose your sense of humor.


best coronavirus memes




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  1. House Crazy Stephen works for the US Postal Service which means he too must trek into work every day. He finds himself pouting – like a kid whose school remains open when all others are closed due to a snow storm. He knows he should be grateful he’s still collecting a paycheck in these difficult times – but his brain keeps teasing him with the idea of a welcome work hiatus. He doesn’t know why he’s composing this comment in the third person.

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