Life In A Small Town

charming small town in Colorado
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Some people ask House Crazy Sarah, “if you are so progressive, why do you live in a rural po-dunk western town full of gun-toting Republicans?”

It’s true that 95% of her neighbors are gun-toting Republicans (the other 5% are hippies and artistic misfits Like House Crazy Sarah), but she’s not here for the people, she’s here for the scenery.

This is the summer view from her front porch:

view from the front porch
view from the front porch

And this is her view from the back porch…

view from the back porch
view from the back porch

What you can’t see from this angle is that there is a meandering canal behind her property which keeps the bucolic, agricultural-based town well-irrigated.

House Crazy Sarah loves how peaceful it all is. She loves that she hears roosters cock-a-doodle-doing and donkeys honking and braying every morning when she wakes up. She loves that she gets to pass horses on her way to work.

Sometimes people even hitch their horses at the local Walmart:

horse hitched at Walmart
horse hanging out at the local Walmart

She loves that people let their chickens and their pet peacocks free-range all over town…

pet peacocks roaming around town

She had to call 9-1-1 this past spring because there was a whole flock of peacocks blocking the road! The dispatcher laughed and laughed. But not as much as the police officers who showed up at her house another time when she called 9-1-1 because there was an intruder trying to break into her window. Turns out the intruder was a 30-pound raccoon.

House Crazy Sarah loves that she can find dirt-cheap antiques and the local dealers deliver to her house for free, like this nifty 1930’s curio cabinet she now has in her kitchen, thanks to the nice old guy with a pick-up truck:

1930's art deco curio cabinet

She loves that her kids have a big backyard to play in, and they make forts, dig holes, and climb trees…

They do twig art…

twig art

And they have a fun time.

House Crazy Sarah feels sorry for the kids who live in big cities. She has lived in several big cities and she’ll never go back. Way too people-y, and noisy, and stinky, and busy. No, she’ll never go back.

Not when she can own her own little affordable slice of heaven…

green cottage in the country

So what if her neighbors post the Ten Commandments, pro-Trump signs, and little baby fetus pictures in their yards?

Here, House Crazy Sarah is the crazy one!

And she likes it that way.  🙂



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