Canadian Painter Alex Colville’s Waterfront Cabin

One of House Crazy Sarah's all-time favorite artists is Canadian painter Alex Colville. This rustic, two-story cabin was designed and built by the painter in 1964 Alex Colville 1920 - 2013 Colville's paintings were often dark and ominous... Foreboding... with natural forces menacing the quiet human figures... Lonely and austere. So it makes sense that... Continue Reading →

Purple Haze Cabin In Big Bear Lake

To say that Purple Haze Cabin in Big Bear Lake, California is a themed vacation rental is an understatement. It is a veritable ode to the counter-culture of the 1960's, and in particular, weed. Once you see inside, it all becomes clear - or hazy, if you prefer. Staying here "allows your true hippie soul... Continue Reading →

A Charming Rustic Cabin

House Crazy Sarah loves unique and funky dwellings. This cabin is both unique, funky, and has no plumbing or electricity! It's a 'glamping' rental - definitely a few steps above a tent experience but lacking in a some modern household amenities (like running water). As a vacation rental, your close-to-roughing-it experience starts at $145/night. Not... Continue Reading →

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