The Mushroom Houses Of Charlevoix Michigan

If you've followed House Crazy Sarah for a while, you know she is an enthusiastic fan of the Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix, Michigan. The Mushroom Houses are a cluster of oddly shaped stone homes with wavy roofs that look like both stubby fungi and whimsical fairytale cottages. The man responsible was Earl Young - an... Continue Reading →

Earl Young’s Thatched Mushroom House For Sale

House Crazy Sarah has long been a sucker for Earl Young's famed mushroom houses in Charlevoix, Michigan. Her dream would be to someday own one of these quirky vintage beauties. But keep dreaming House Crazy Sarah because they don't come cheap! This month Earl Young's first attempt at a mushroom house - 304 Park Ave,... Continue Reading →

Stafford’s Weathervane Restaurant In Charlevoix, Michigan

House Crazy Sarah stumbled upon this unique place a few years back during one of her many road trips. She was actually in Charlevoix, Michigan searching for Earl Young "mushroom houses". Earl Young was a fellow house eccentric who built a collection of odd, dumpy-looking stone homes underneath wavy thatch-like roofs from the 1920's through... Continue Reading →

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