A Charming Rustic Cabin

House Crazy Sarah loves unique and funky dwellings. This cabin is both unique, funky, and has no plumbing or electricity! It's a 'glamping' rental - definitely a few steps above a tent experience but lacking in a some modern household amenities (like running water). As a vacation rental, your close-to-roughing-it experience starts at $145/night. Not... Continue Reading →

A Carriage House Cottage

Look at this 1897 carriage house that has been converted to a 4 bedroom residence. Located in Petaluma, California, this is the original carriage house for the Fairbanks Mansion - a Sonoma County landmark. Somewhere along the way, the carriage house was sub-divided from the main estate and turned into a house in its own... Continue Reading →

The 1693 Eleazer Arnold House In Rhode Island

House Crazy Sarah is enamored with really old houses like this historic gem located in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The Eleazar Arnold House is now a National Historic Landmark, and for good reason. It is not only one of the oldest surviving homes in America (dated to 1693!), it is also a rare American example of... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Part-Time Vegetarian

House Crazy Sarah is somewhat of a vegetarian. Although she eats a fair amount of salad, she loves to drown salads in cheese. She consumes copious amounts of cheese, and pays for it later when her intestines throw up inside themselves. House Crazy Sarah will even enjoy the occasional burger, but only if it is... Continue Reading →

Amelia Earhart Birth House Museum In Kansas

Our darling lost Amelia - look at this house in Kansas where she was born! How enchanting! Amelia Mary Earhart 1897 - 1937 The¬†Amelia Earhart Birthplace House in Atchison, Kansas is now an old house museum not only because it was the birthplace of Amelia, but also because she spent a significant part of her... Continue Reading →

A Victorian Railroad Station Restaurant In Vermont

Here's another retirement dream... own a vintage railroad station-turned-restaurant in the quaint town of Windsor, Vermont! "Windsor Station" is a popular dinner restaurant housed in a classical train depot building and it is currently for sale. Listed at $399,000, this 1901 beauty has been lovingly preserved and is filled with period railroad and travel memorabilia.... Continue Reading →

Period Perfect Vintage Kitchens

Very few old houses these days have kitchens that could be considered original. When House Crazy Sarah comes across an old house with an original kitchen, she gets very excited because over the decades and centuries, kitchens are almost always the first thing to get unceremoniously ripped out for the flavor of the decade and,... Continue Reading →

Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore, Maryland

There's just something creepy about a Poe-boy. And where he once lived. Edgar Allan Poe was known for his literary mastery of the macabre and his contribution to the mystery/detective genre through his terrifying short stories and poems. He lived in various east coast cities throughout his lifetime including Boston, Richmond,¬† Philadelphia, and New York.... Continue Reading →

Gorgeous Fall Houses

House Crazy Sarah is a master at house-peeping and she enjoys leaf-peeping so why not combine the two? House Crazy Sarah thinks houses often look their best in autumn when the leaves are all aglow. So let us celebrate the autumnal equinox by appreciating how beautiful these houses look in fall! Then there's late fall... Continue Reading →

Word On The Water: A Floating Bookstore in London

Word on the Water is a floating bookstore built on a vintage 1920's Dutch barge. You can find it moored in various places in London, most recently in Regents Canal in King's Cross. This novel idea was brought to fruition in 2011 by book loving creatives Paddy Screech and Jon Privett. Even if you don't... Continue Reading →

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