About Her

House Crazy Sarah loves houses. She always has, ever since she was a little blonde girl playing with her homemade doll house. In fact, she is CRAZY about houses. That’s why people call her House Crazy Sarah. 

House Crazy Sarah

House Crazy Sarah
photo by: Marianne Beel

Being the Queen that she is, House Crazy Sarah loves to surround herself with beauty, history, and inspiring things.

She is an introvert who is a fabulous writer, but doesn’t like promoting her writing by having forced interactions with other humans. The publishing industry does not smile upon such non-compliance with their marketing plans so House Crazy Sarah has found a clever way around this barrier. By writing a nearly anonymous blog, she can sit by herself in the comfort of her home and become marvelously famous, all without ever leaving her couch.

House Crazy Sarah on the couch with her lovee

House Crazy Sarah lives a quiet – albeit exquisite – life in her little old house in Colorado surrounded by her books, antiques, rescue dogs, and amusing children. (There are two children; a boy “The Boy” and a girl “The Girl”.) One is a teen and the other is a tween. They are pictured below when they were younger, shorter, and pimple-free.

Sarah Felix Burns
The Little Hooligans

To pay her bills (because writing sure doesn’t), House Crazy Sarah works a day job as a social worker. Interestingly, her passion is not with people, but with all things old and charming, especially houses.

House Crazy Sarah

More fun facts about House Crazy Sarah:

~ She was born and raised in Canada

~ She is very bad at math

~ She loves cranky little doggies

~ She could swim when she was three 

~ She believes in ghosts (but does not believe in aliens)

~ She used to be an artist

~ Her favorite food is pizza Margherita

~ Her dead guy crush is John Denver

~ Her dead girl crush is Edith Piaf

~ She likes country music and feminism even more 

~ She loves peace and quiet and a clean and tidy house

~ Her most favorite thing to do is cuddle up in the corner of her couch to write this splendid little blog  🙂



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