The Haunted Rensow Manor Library Retreat In Germany

In Rensow Germany, you will find this foreboding manor whose foundations reportedly date back some 1,200 years. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Slavic gods. If you feel the desire to immerse yourself in the haunted history of this place, you are in luck. You can rent out a portion of... Continue Reading →

Historic Stone Artist’s Studio For Sale In France

This unique property has been making the rounds on the interwebs 1) because it is so adorable; 2) because it is in France; and 3) because it's for sale for cheap! Located in Juignac in the Charente department in southwestern France, this true artist's studio/cottage is currently listed for sale for €88,000 (around $92,000 USD).... Continue Reading →

1678 French Canadian Stone Farmhouse In Quebec

The photos are stunning in their own right, but when House Crazy Sarah read the listing description for this old home, her historic house-loving heart was set a flutter! Away from the road, set in the middle of a large lot with lots of flowers and a stream, this large farmhouse enjoys sunsets over the... Continue Reading →

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