Floral Wallpaper Is Making A Splashing Comeback

Yes indeed, floral wallpaper has made a comeback! All patterns of wallpaper, really, but floral is fast becoming the top contender. Over her lifetime, House Crazy Sarah has looked at many, many houses. On an average day, she probably looks at more home interiors than most realtors. So when she started noticing a trend in... Continue Reading →

Former Nun’s Convent Repurposed

Holy wow, this place is divine! This building was built and used for many years as a convent where nuns would live in simple service to the Lord. Located in downtown Olyphant in Northeast Pennsylvania, it has been converted into a home & business and is now for sale! This unique property is approved for... Continue Reading →

Time Capsule 1907 Scandinavian Farmhouse

House Crazy Sarah came across this enchanting historic farmhouse in one of her old house groups on Facebook, where ordinary people post their extraordinary homes. This farm in Finland belongs to Philip, who purchased it last fall and has been doing a very careful renovation ever since. Philip explains, "The house was built in 1907,... Continue Reading →

Witch Windows

Not too long ago, House Crazy Sarah featured an old Vermont home with a Witch Window. Intrigued, she thought she'd dig a little deeper into this unique feature. A witch window (also known as a Vermont window, among other names) is a window - usually a double-hung sash window or a single-sided casement window - placed in the gable-end... Continue Reading →

The Roundhouse In Eureka Springs Arkansas

Have a look at this historic roundhouse that has been reimagined as a private home! The roundhouse is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas which is known for its quaint Victorian architecture. But in the midst of all the delicate gingerbread Victorians, is this big chunky brute of a structure. Roundhouses are usually associated with railyards.... Continue Reading →

Affordable Dream Condo For Sale in Odda, Norway

Here is an affordable, stylish condo for sale in Odda, Norway. House Crazy Sarah covers lots of outrageously expensive homes, but she also likes to find little gems in amazing places that won't break the bank. Like this gorgeous top floor condo in a small village in southern Norway. The spacious 3 bedroom apartment is... Continue Reading →

Historic Penthouse With Amazing Waterfront Views

Look at those dazzling views! Turquoise water beyond a lush, green Mediterranean-style terrace... A beautiful Moroccan-themed mansion... Any guesses on where this slice of paradise is located? Would you have suspected in a million years that it is located in downtown Chicago? Yes indeed, that turquoise blue water is none other than cold Lake Michigan!... Continue Reading →

Henry David Thoreau’s Cabin at Walden Pond

You may have heard of Walden Pond..... Henry David Thoreau, American transcendentalist writer, came here to get away from it all so he could focus on his writing. Henry David Thoreau He relocated to Concord, Massachusetts' Walden Pond in 1845 "to live deliberately." "I lived alone, in the woods, a mile from any neighbor.... My house was... Continue Reading →

Old Bath House In England Converted to Funky Family Home

Have a look at this utterly unique dwelling - a historic bath house converted into a hilariously fun family home! The Bath House is located in the town of St. Leonards-On-Sea, East Sussex, England. And it's for sale! Dating back to 1864, the oldest part of this building was originally the "Turkish Bath Company Saint... Continue Reading →

New Orleans French Quarter 1830’s Creole Style Townhouse For Sale!

Happy Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday brings us this jaw-droppingly beautiful historic listing on Decatur street in New Orleans' famed French Quarter. (It's the second townhouse from the right with the sage green shutters.) Have a look inside this marvelously maintained "Creole style" townhome! This is the entrance & stairwell on the backside of the building.... Continue Reading →

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