Live In Sculpture: Groovy Spiritual Retreat For Sale in Woodstock, NY

House Crazy Sarah loves her some funky design and decor, but this place may be a wee bit over the top - even for her! It is located in the Catskill Mountains near historic Woodstock, New York. It is a hand-built masterpiece of spiraling confusion. Why it is so... unique? It was built by artist... Continue Reading →

Leiper’s Fork Cottage

Look at this darling historic cottage! Built in 1882, it is known as Leiper's Fork Cottage and it is located in Leiper's Fork Village near Franklin, Tennessee. The cottage is now used as a vacation rental so anyone can enjoy the quaint atmosphere! The poetic description below is from the owner: "Built in 1892 for... Continue Reading →

Bonnie & Clyde’s Joplin Missouri Hide-Out

America's sweetheart outlaw couple, Bonnie & Clyde, once spent time hiding out in this apartment in Joplin, Missouri. Tucked on a quiet street in the mid-western town, is this unassuming 2-story stone apartment house. The 1928 building still stands to this day - almost entirely intact from the time Bonnie & Clyde were there. In... Continue Reading →

Funky Tiny House In Millersburg, Ohio

This little gem is full of love and light and homemade stuff. Built by the owners Ron & Sue Corl, this 450 square foot tiny home in Millersburg, Ohio is a delight to behold! The owners did it all themselves using an eclectic patchwork of folksy, rustic elements, and vintage finds. It has a cozy-comfy... Continue Reading →

Creepy Antique Dolls

House Crazy Sarah loves old things... but antique dolls have always given her a cold shiver up the spine. It's hard to identify exactly why vintage dolls are so creepy. Could it be the frozen facial expressions... The unbalanced proportions... Or just deterioration from age? Perhaps it is a combination of all these things. Good... Continue Reading →

The Sweetest Little Farmhouse in North Carolina

House Crazy Sarah almost cried when she saw this 1920's farmhouse for sale because it just made everything feel right in the world - if only for a few short minutes. Located on Olive Branch Road in Marshville, North Carolina, this amazing country spread is up for sale for $236,000. The farmhouse is situated on... Continue Reading →

Exquisite 1700’s House On Lake Maggiore, Italy

A little while back, House Crazy Sarah featured Paola and Marco's rustic mountain getaway "hut" in Northern Italy. Now, she's going to have a look at their house on Lake Maggiore, Italy. The home is located in a picturesque fishing village called Solcio di Lesa, in the Piedmont region. Paola explained that the village has... Continue Reading →

Maplecroft: The House Where Lizzie Borden Lived And Died

This is the home of the infamous Lizzie Borden in Fall River, Massachusetts. Not to be confused with the house where Lizzie Borden was accused of brutally killing her father and step-mother by axing them to death (House Crazy Sarah will feature that house in a future post). No, this is where Lizzie lived out... Continue Reading →

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