18th Century Homestead For Sale In New Hampshire

Here's a fascinating place for sale in the quaint town of Effingham, New Hampshire. This marvelous grouping of buildings - main house, Cape cottage, and barn - is listed for $379,000. The 1822 farmhouse is painted an attractive sky blue color. The smaller Cape (circa 1790) still retains the original wooden sink and outhouse, and... Continue Reading →

Thimble Cottage

Located in Marshall, Michigan is this darling home known as Thimble Cottage. The homeowner, Robbyn Christenson Coulon, has generously shared these photos with us and her story of the home is quoted below... "Thimble Cottage got its name because of its 1000 sq. ft. size. It was such a sweet, little place, I told my... Continue Reading →

The Real House From ‘The Holiday’ Movie

Who doesn't love watching the 2006 darling Christmas movie The Holiday starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz around this time of year? Most of us fell head-over-heels in love with Iris's whimsical stone cottage. But did you know the house we fell in love with is not actually a real house? Sadly, it's true. The... Continue Reading →

Michelangelo’s Tuscan Villa Is for Sale

Great artists have to live somewhere. For famed Rennaisance painter Michelangelo, it was this bucolic farmhouse in rural Tuscany. Best known for his paintings in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475 – 1564) purchased this property in the year 1549. After his death, the home remained in his family until 1867. The... Continue Reading →

The Cherryfield General Store In Maine

House Crazy Sarah has a thing for historic general stores. In small-town Maine, you will find this historic gem up for sale. It's a little rough and needs someone with a padded bank account who can give the appropriate TLC (and structural reinforcement)... but the potential is exciting. The historic storefront building is located in... Continue Reading →

Lavender Cottage In Croatia

Welcome to Lavender Cottage in Bribir, Croatia. Lavender Cottage, so named for the thickets of lavender in front of the home, is just 20 km from the Adriatic sea. Owner Tatjana offers the cottage as a vacation rental and she has allowed House Crazy Sarah to share these photos of the charming abode. Inside, the... Continue Reading →

Old Fashioned Sewing Machines

What antique lover's heart has not been captivated by the classic beauty of an old sewing machine? House Crazy Sarah has one: Hers isn't as ornate as some, but the 1936 electric Singer has a neat backstory: she bought it from an old farm wife in rural Colorado who said she taught all her children... Continue Reading →

Patsy Cline’s Tennessee ‘Dream House’ Is For Sale

Country crooner Patsy Cline's former home was on the auction block this past week. She didn't live in the quaint mid-century brick rancher very long before her tragic death in 1963, but she described it as her "dream house" and relished decorating the house after she and her husband moved in. Notably, her body was... Continue Reading →

French Country Cottage Built In 1620

Oh what historic sweetness! This squat but adorable cottage is located in the French countryside near Belves in the Dordogne, Southwest of France. It is actually part of a gite complex - a grouping of cottages and outbuildings that can be rented out as accommodations. The cozy stone exterior is set off by electric blue... Continue Reading →

Good Hart General Store In Michigan

There are few things House Crazy Sarah loves to do more than traveling the backroads and finding little gems like this one. Nestled along Northern Michigan's most scenic highway, M-119 (more famously known as The Tunnel of Trees), is the sleepy town of Good Hart. The "town" is not much more than a sparse smattering... Continue Reading →

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