The Abbey At Farrow Farm

Look at this completely unique home on Islesboro Island, Maine! House Crazy Sarah always loves houses with names and this place has a great name: The Abbey at Farrow Farm. The Abbey at Farrow Farm is not actually a historic abbey - it was built in 2001. It's just a creatively original dwelling. And guess... Continue Reading →

Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal Neighborhood

House Crazy Sarah can't believe she hasn't posted anything from her homeland yet! Today she would like to feature a vibrant neighborhood from her ancestral province of Quebec. Specifically, Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal Neighborhood. Known as "the Plateau", this neighborhood is famous for its European-esque streets full of charming, brightly painted townhouses. But there are also... Continue Reading →

Life In A Small Town

Some people ask House Crazy Sarah, "if you are so progressive, why do you live in a rural po-dunk western town full of gun-toting Republicans?" It's true that 95% of her neighbors are gun-toting Republicans (the other 5% are hippies and artistic misfits Like House Crazy Sarah), but she's not here for the people, she's... Continue Reading →

A Nose By Any Other Name

It may seem harsh, but 'Big Nose Loser' is House Crazy Sarah’s nickname for herself and her siblings. They started calling each other that when they were teenagers and their nasal cartilages started popping out at alarming rates.  (‘BNL’ for short.) The larger sized noses are an unfortunate family trait. House Crazy Sarah has considered... Continue Reading →

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