The Abbey At Farrow Farm

A house built like a church

Look at this completely unique home on Islesboro Island, Maine!

house built like a church

House Crazy Sarah always loves houses with names and this place has a great name: The Abbey at Farrow Farm.

The Abbey at Farrow Farm is not actually a historic abbey – it was built in 2001. It’s just a creatively original dwelling.

And guess what? It’s for sale!

The listing says that it was built from locally sourced materials.

You can feel the love and light in this sweet house!

Have a peek at two of the bedrooms…

Accessible by catwalk!

Or you could sleep in the round:

It’s completely lovely, but the church-style house is not the only star of this show.

There is actually a grouping of structures on the 2.63 acre property including another smaller folk Gothic-style house, a tiny house, and a garden shed. In total, they contain 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms in 3,000 square feet.

Look at the adorable smaller house:

house built like a church

And here’s the tiny house used as a writer’s cottage:

Wouldn’t this place make an amazing bed and breakfast?

And now you are asking House Crazy Sarah how much this place costs…

All this remote island splendor in Maine for only $225,000!

Any takers?


~ House Crazy Sarah

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