Crazy Halloween Houses

House Crazy Sarah loves when people go all out with their seasonal decor. Especially Halloween, because there's a special type of crazy that comes out on Halloween. Some people take their decorating very seriously. Others just throw up a few skeletons. Don't look at this next one if spiders give you the creepy crawlies... Or... Continue Reading →

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Before all the plastic super-hero and frosty, sparkling princess costumes, before the glitter make-up and unicorn onesies, there was a dark side to Halloween. Costumes actually used to be...  scary! As in, horror movie scary. You see, Halloween costumes originated as a way to ward off evil demons. Somewhere over the past century, they've morphed... Continue Reading →

The Houses From The Original 1978 Halloween Movie

One of House Crazy Sarah's all-time favorite Halloween movies (a close second behind The Shining,) is none other than the original Halloween movie from 1978. Mostly because of the creepy old houses. And yes, the filming took place in real old houses! Below is the infamous childhood home of Michael Myers, as depicted in the... Continue Reading →

You Can Rent The Addams Family Mansion!

In honor of the new animated Addams Family feature film that debuted on October 11th this year, has created a real life replica of the iconic Halloween family’s home. And you can rent it for only $101.10 per night! The home is actually real house in the historic Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, New... Continue Reading →

Betsey Johnson’s Crazy Mobile Home Is For Sale For $2 Million

Are you for reals House Crazy Sarah?? Yes, this may be the most expensive mobile home to ever hit the trailer-hood market. The $2 million dollar price tag is apparently justified because it is located in Malibu near the ocean and also because it belongs to famed eccentric designer Betsey Johnson. Wacky lady Betsey has... Continue Reading →

Stephen King’s House To Be Turned Into A Writer’s Retreat

Have you heard the big news? Stephen and Tabitha King will be turning their infamous creepy Victorian home in Bangor, Maine into an archive and writer's retreat! This is bittersweet news for House Crazy Sarah because she has always loved the idea of Stephen King typing away frenetically in his attic office behind that ghoulish... Continue Reading →

A Cowgirl She-Shed

House Crazy Sarah loves this rustic she-shed that farm-gal Lisa built in an old milking shed on her dairy farm in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Before Lisa began the transformation, the outbuilding was essentially a storage area. After putting in new windows and fresh paint, the space was furnished with an old iron daybed, a workbench,... Continue Reading →

The American Gothic House In Eldon, Iowa

Does this house look familiar? It should, because it is the model for the house in the second most recognized painting in the world! American Gothic, perhaps the most parodied painting ever, was created by artist Grant Wood in 1930. The subject appears to be a bit sinister (or “Gothic”), but Wood had a sense... Continue Reading →

The Smith Lake Castle in Alabama

This place is outta this world! Actually it's an interesting combination of several worlds: part Martian moonscape, part Gothic cliff-hanger, part Medieval castle, part really bad decor from the 1980's. It's a real head-spinner, er, head-scratcher. Let's just call it what it is: a WTF were they thinking?? house But House Crazy Sarah loves houses... Continue Reading →

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