Crazy Halloween Houses

crazy Halloween houses

House Crazy Sarah loves when people go all out with their seasonal decor. Especially Halloween, because there’s a special type of crazy that comes out on Halloween.

crazy Hallooween house decorations

Some people take their decorating very seriously.

Others just throw up a few skeletons.

crazy Hallooween house decorating with skeletons

Don’t look at this next one if spiders give you the creepy crawlies…

crazy Hallooween house decorating with spiders

Or this one…

crazy Hallooween house decor

He, he, he

We’ve seen this one (below) before, but look at it at night!

crazy Hallooween house


Below is the ‘I ain’t afraid of no ghost’ house:

Ghostbusters! Fun!

How about an alien crash-landing in the front yard?

(Did they wreck their lawn for that?)

Pirate ship decorations seem to be all the rage lately:

Imagine the work they put into creating these scenes!

House Crazy Sarah loves this dilapidated rendering of the Michael Myers’ house from the Halloween movie:

It’s actually a false-front facade! How cool is that?

But the winner of Halloween is this house that House Crazy Sarah found on an old house owners’ forum. This was her decor last year:

And this year…

Who thinks these things up?

Bonus points for creative use of the keyhole doorway!



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