Vintage Halloween Costumes

creepy Halloween costumes from the early 20th century

Before all the plastic super-hero and frosty, sparkling princess costumes, before the glitter make-up and unicorn onesies, there was a dark side to Halloween. Costumes actually used to be…  scary!

creepy vintage Halloween costumes

As in, horror movie scary.

creepy scary vintage Halloween costumes

You see, Halloween costumes originated as a way to ward off evil demons. Somewhere over the past century, they’ve morphed into silly fun and games. But back in the day, they were serious business.

Creepy antique Halloween costumes

Homemade mummified children? This is almost too much even for House Crazy Sarah!

Creepy old Halloween costumes

Just look at the old houses in the background House Crazy Sarah!


And the wallpaper… the antique wallpaper!

Creepy antique Halloween costumes


Animals! Animals are always cute – aren’t they?

Creepy old Halloween costumes

They’re just children, after all. Innocent, cherub-faced children…

Creepy old Halloween costumes

And the adults… the adults are just having a fun old time whooping it up at early Halloween festivities…

Creepy antique Halloween costumes

It’s all fun and games!


House Crazy Sarah can’t take it anymore!

Unicorns and rainbows…unicorns and rainbows…


Ahhhhhhh……… back to present time.   🙂



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