1970’s Earth-Sheltered Home in Wisconsin

Here's a funky one for ya! The 1970's produced some silly things (like House Crazy Sarah!) but in the world of architecture and home design, there was no other decade that embraced outright wackiness quite like the '70s. Case in point: this funky Flintstone-esque dwelling: Located in River Falls, Wisconsin, this earth-bermed dome house was... Continue Reading →

The Pink House – A 1795 Waterford Virginia Landmark

It's not exactly pink... it's more of a rosy-peachy hue. But locals have long referred to it as The Pink House. The Pink House is located in the heart of a quaint historic village called Waterford. Waterford is in Loudoun County, Virginia about 47 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. Here's the cool thing: the entire... Continue Reading →

An Old School Bus Converted To A Stylish Tiny Home

When House Crazy Sarah was a school girl, she rode a big yellow bus down bumpy country roads five days a week from kindergarten through high school graduation. She would spend those many hours day-dreaming about houses and even how to convert the school bus into a house. Turns out House Crazy Sarah wasn't the... Continue Reading →

Blue House, Red Barn in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

House Crazy Sarah was broken-hearted to hear about the recent terrible mass shooting in her homeland of Canada in the quaint eastern province of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is normally a peaceful, bucolic land so House Crazy Sarah wanted to pay tribute to the area by featuring a lovely old Nova Scotia home. The Blue... Continue Reading →

Historic Country Post Offices In Rural America

Being a country gal, House Crazy Sarah loves old, rural post offices. In the US, there are plenty of historic, small country post offices, some of which are still operating to this day. Have a look at some of America's historic rural community USPS gems... Spring Gap, Maryland Cornucopia, Wisconsin Adam Run, South Carolina Shaniko,... Continue Reading →

The Most Tacky House In America

Here's a fun one for ya! The exterior actually isn't too bad for this Detroit, Michigan home that was recently listed for sale for $249,500. It has potential - if it could be uncluttered and de-frilled. However, when you step in the front door, the baffling decor begins... House Crazy Sarah is even left speechless.... Continue Reading →

Elfreth’s Alley: America’s Oldest Residential Street

Elfreth's Alley is an historic street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania dating back to the year 1702. It is purported to be the longest surviving residential street in America. Today there are 32 original houses on the Alley that were built between the years 1703 and 1836. The Alley is now a National Historic Landmark with the... Continue Reading →

The Atomic Toaster in Indiana: A Lustron Home Original

If you are a fan of vintage post-WW2 houses, then you've surely heard of Lustron Homes. Lustrons were manufactured in the late 1940's and early 1950's in a converted airplane factory in Ohio to house the growing number of new families after the GI's returned from war. These prefabricated kit homes are notable for being... Continue Reading →

Storybook English Cottage in California

This storybook English-style Cottage sits on a hidden knoll with rambling gardens and is located in the Verdugo Woodlands - in California of all places! Glendale, California to be exact. The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1,552 square foot cottage is listed for $1,065,000. That's no small amount but the price tag has already been slashed... Continue Reading →

The Hiwan Heritage Park House in Evergreen Colorado

If House Crazy Sarah is ever allowed to leave her county again, she wants to go visit this crazy cabin which is only a couple of hours from where she lives in Colorado. The Hiwan Heritage Park is a little known tourist spot in the mountain community of Evergreen, Colorado, not even an hour west... Continue Reading →

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