Historic Country Post Offices In Rural America

Being a country gal, House Crazy Sarah loves old, rural post offices.

historic country post offices

In the US, there are plenty of historic, small country post offices, some of which are still operating to this day.

historic country post office photo

Have a look at some of America’s historic rural community USPS gems…

Spring Gap, Maryland

historic country post office Spring Gap, Maryland

Cornucopia, Wisconsin

historic country post office

Adam Run, South Carolina

historic country post office in Adams Run, South Carolina

Shaniko, Oregon

historic country post offices Shaniko Oregon PO

New Castle, New Hampshire

historic country post offices New Castle NH

Penland, North Carolina

historic country post offices Penland NC

Old Paul, Alabama

historic country post offices The Old Paul, Alabama Post Office (Conecuh County) - Rural Southwest Alabama

Phoenixville, Michigan

historic country post offices Phoenixville Michigan PO

Chicken, Alaska

historic country post offices Chicken Alaska

Halibut Cove, Alaska

Tiny floating Alaskan post office


Ola, Idaho

historic country post offices Ola, Idaho

Zwingle, Iowa

Some rural post offices are teeny-tiny:

Ochopee, Florida

smallest post office in America

In fact, the littlest ones compete for the title of America’s smallest post office:

Wheeler Springs, California

historic country post offices Smallest Post Office in USA, Wheeler Springs CA


One more that is near and dear to House Crazy Sarah’s heart:

Severance, Colorado

If you have photos of an old rural post office near you, email them to House Crazy Sarah and she will add them to this gallery!



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