The Old Farm of Amfreville Bed & Breakfast

Mes amies, look at this beautiful French farm villa! It has been turned into a bed and breakfast so you can indulge in sweet dreams and yummy French delicacies. The Old Farm of Amfreville B&B is located near the town of Saint Mere Eglise. This is in northwestern France, near the infamous Normandy D-Day landing... Continue Reading →

Historic Shotgun House in New Orleans

It's Mardi Gras season! So House Crazy Sarah is loving on this New Orleans Creole-style shotgun house. If you look closely at the roof line, you can see there is actually a partial second floor on this house. Locals call this a "mother-in-law suite under-roof". House Crazy Sarah calls it Granny's Attic! The house on... Continue Reading →

Literary House Collages By Artist Amanda White

Do any of you literature lovers recognize that house? The piece is called Jane & Cassandra Austen Tending Their Steventon Garden.  House Crazy Sarah just adores this gal's work! Amanda White combines a love of British literature with a love of houses and her exceptional talent as an artist to create these amazing collages. Above... Continue Reading →

Pretty In Pink: A Palm Springs Mid-Century Ranch Original

This house is CRAZY cool! House Crazy Sarah laughed out loud when looking through the listing pictures... and you'll see why. This 1964 mid-century rancher is located in Palm Springs' "most desirable neighborhood", according to the listing description. This pink phenomena is listed for $2,995,000. It has 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms in 2,792 square... Continue Reading →

Historic School For Sale In Angora, Minnesota

How fun would it be to own your own school? If you are willing to move to northern Minnesota, you could be living the old school dream! Priced at a mere $175,000, this massive school/house has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms in 15,000 square feet. The cool thing is that even though it has bedrooms and... Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened To The Ubiquitous House Dress?

As you might know, House Crazy Sarah likes to lounge around her house in fuzzy pajamas. When she does housework or walks the dogs, she wears old sweats with bleach stains and fraying hems. But there was a time not so long ago, when our grandmothers and even our mothers, wore only dresses around the... Continue Reading →

A Tiny 1840’s Cottage in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Sometimes all you need in life is an old house and a cozy life in 550 square feet. Homeowner David Morales knows this better than most. He bought this 1840's cutie in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from a friend for $18,000. When his friend first rescued the property, it had been abandoned for years. Today, it's an... Continue Reading →

Bookish Dreams: Old Library Now A Bed And Breakfast

Look at this amazing stately old library in which you can now wander around at night in your comfy jammies and fuzzy slippers! Gladstone’s Library in Northern Wales, UK is a 130-year-old functioning library that is also a bed and breakfast. A dream come true for us bookish nerds! Look how gorgeous and old-world it... Continue Reading →

For Sale: Three Vintage Cottages in Venice California

Venice, California was once a quaint canal-laced town with cottages from the early part of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the quaintness of the place has been overtaken with aggressive residential development and modern new builds are now squished in the place of the old cottages which were unceremoniously razed, or "scraped" as they call it... Continue Reading →

France’s Village of Upside Down Boat Houses

Built from ingenuity and desperation, the French coastal village of Equihen-Plage gives a whole new meaning to the term 'boat house'. The village continues the old tradition of building houses out of discarded boat hulls. This was originally an act of necessity when dirt-poor fishermen needed a cheap way to build a shelter for their... Continue Reading →

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