Historic School For Sale In Angora, Minnesota

Angora Minnesota Historic School for sale

How fun would it be to own your own school? If you are willing to move to northern Minnesota, you could be living the old school dream!

Priced at a mere $175,000, this massive school/house has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms in 15,000 square feet.

The cool thing is that even though it has bedrooms and residential living space, it has largely been kept as it was when it was a school. And it is filled with old school memorabilia.

Angora Minnesota Historic School for sale

The Alango School – its original name – is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

A lot of updates have been done but it still needs some work.

School converted to home

It would be a lot to take care of, admittedly.

But if you have a big family with lots of kids, this pace would be awesome! Home school the kids and have them do all the cleaning work!

And how fun would it be to have your own personal gymnasium?

House Crazy Sarah isn’t a sporty girl, but think of the cartwheels she could *attempt* in here!

You could put on your own play or have karaoke night on the stage:

Have some naughty children? Send them down to the principal’s office:

Or make them walk the spooky basement hallway…

…to the old boiler room!

old school boiler

House Crazy Sarah is having way too much fun with this.

But what do the actual living quarters look like?

Just like any old school converted to a home!

The upper level “teacherage” has a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment.

vintage bathroom

There is still work to be done, but this old school is going to be a super fun project for the right people/family!

vintage school bathroom

old school for sale

It even comes with acreage and its own baseball diamond!

See the listing for more details:



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