1780 Caribbean Compound For Sale In The US Virgin Islands

If you're a wealthy bloke in search of a historic Caribbean compound, House Crazy Sarah has you covered. If not, oh well, it's nice to look at. Known as En Nordgade on One North Street, a.k.a ''The One'', this home is an elegant mid-eighteenth-century historic property with three apartments and a pool, nestled in the... Continue Reading →

The 1885 Heckman House in Ketchikan, Alaska

Step back in time to the Alaskan days of yore with this 1885 pioneer home near Ketchikan. The Heckman House was built in 1885 for the local cannery superintendent to support the booming local fishing industry of the day. This unique piece of Alaskan history is currently listed for sale for $250,000. The historic home... Continue Reading →

Little Red Schoolhouse In Springwater, New York

Who doesn't love a little old red schoolhouse that has been converted into a home? The schoolhouse is located in Springwater, New York, near the famous Finger Lakes region. It's not currently listed for sale but it was as recently as May of 2023 for the very palatable price of $129,900. One source explains that... Continue Reading →

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