Former Canadian Hockey Player Now A Respected Folk Artist

Here's a story that is near and dear to House Crazy Sarah's Canadian heart. There is a former Vancouver Canucks goalie who paints whimsical scenes of Canadian kids playing hockey in quaint neighborhoods and country villages. Richard Brodeur is a 68-year-old retired NHL player who now spends his time lovingly depicting his childhood memories on... Continue Reading →

Artist Suzanne Moxhay Creates Haunting Indoor Landscapes

These surreal and somber landscapes by British artist Suzanne Moxhay are made by using an early 20th-century photomontage technique called matte painting. By mixing her original photography with historic archival images, she creates delicate, unsettling masterpieces. Her subject matter is interiors of urban decay; long abandoned mansions and buildings that seem to be in the... Continue Reading →

Lauren P. Dodge, Gothic Miniature House Artist

House Crazy Sarah has featured talented miniature house artists before, but miniaturist Lauren P. Dodge puts her own unique spin on dollhouses - she goes to the darkside. She calls her style "southern Gothic" and House Crazy Sarah is beguiled. Lauren P. Dodge's mini decor is so detailed and intricate, it's hard to imagine all... Continue Reading →

Photographer Captures The Charming Doors Of London

There's something about a shiny front door decked out with pretty greenery and vintage hardware that makes House Crazy Sarah do a double take. British street wanderer and photographer Bella Foxwell has made a career out of photographing the charming front doors she comes across in her foot travels around London. Doors that combine history,... Continue Reading →

Surreal Flying House Photography by Laurent Chehere

House Crazy Sarah is enamored with these pseudo-photos of houses sailing through mid air. France based photographer Laurent Chehere is the artist/magician behind these captivating images. Chehere takes Parisian homes and urban apartment buildings and yanks them out of their expected neighborhood backdrops and then sets them hovering in the clouds. These "photomontages" are part... Continue Reading →

Whimsical Watercolors of Women, Animals And Houses By Anna Speshilova

How about some artistic escapism... Russian artist Anna Speshilova creates storybook paintings combining all of House Crazy Sarah's favorite things: nature, animals, houses, and books! What's not to love about these beautiful, delicate watercolor and line illustrations? Anna has a degree in graphic arts from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. She celebrates women... Continue Reading →

Literary House Collages By Artist Amanda White

Do any of you literature lovers recognize that house? The piece is called Jane & Cassandra Austen Tending Their Steventon Garden.  House Crazy Sarah just adores this gal's work! Amanda White combines a love of British literature with a love of houses and her exceptional talent as an artist to create these amazing collages. Above... Continue Reading →

Amazing Miniature Old House Artist Chris Toledo

No that's not a giant pair of scissors. It is a regular sized pair of scissors in a teeny-tiny replica vintage bathroom. Artist Chris Toledo builds miniature 1:12 scale interiors of old houses that he dreams up. This guy is amazing! He's done everything from ornate Victorian interiors to farmhouse kitchens. Toledo's range of design... Continue Reading →

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