Couple Builds Mid-Century Modern Dollhouse Based On Childhood Homes

Sweet nostalgia in this dollhouse!

mid-century modern dollhouse

Married couple Annie Kampfe and Cliff Donnelly from Leewood, Kansas built their own Mini Modern House. Their creation is a multi-story dollhouse based on the styles of their childhood homes.

mid-century modern dollhouse

The couple has experience with interior design and remodeling work, but they’ve never made anything at dollhouse scale – until now.

mid-century modern dollhouse

And how fun is this place?  It is even fully outfitted with electricity!

mid-century modern dollhouse

Kampfe and Donnelly began creating the Mini Modern House in 2017.  They had a lot of extra time during COVID lockdown to finish their labor of love.

Check out how finely detailed the interior is:

mid-century modern dollhouse

The décor is a mash of 1960’s and 1970’s styles, colors, and patterns.

Look at the time-warp kitchen:

mid-century modern dollhouse

It’s so adorable!

mid-century modern dollhouse

There are a total of ten fully furnished rooms in this mini-mod dollhouse.

mid-century modern dollhouse

This couple not only nailed the period décor, they also kept true to the architectural style of the groovy era of the ’60’s & 70’s.

mid-century modern dollhouse

Kampfe and Donnelly even included a cluttered laundry room in the basement, complete with a tiny washing machine, dryer, and sewing machine!

mid-century modern dollhouse

How about that vintage 70’s wallpaper!

Check out the basement rec-room:

mid-century modern dollhouse

Is that Farrah Fawcett on the wall?

It looks so real… everything is there but the people!

You can find more photos of the Mini Modern House on the AEK Miniatures Instagram page.





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