Ruth’s Diner in Utah

Have a look at this unique & charming destination eatery in Utah. The historic diner is housed inside an old trolley car and dates back to 1930! House Crazy Sarah loves to come across such unusual places. Ruth's Diner is located in a scenic canyon, only a few minutes drive from downtown Salt Lake City.... Continue Reading →

For Sale: The Historic Argo Hotel in Crofton Nebraska

There are some places where you really can travel back in time. The Argo Hotel in Crofton, Nebraska is one of them. Currently being used as a residence, the old hotel has been preserved as a time capsule of days gone by in rural Nebraska. Lucky for us, it is also for sale! It seems... Continue Reading →

Lloyd’s Signal Station In Cornwall, United Kingdom

Located on the high cliffs of Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula, is this one-of-a-kind maritime gem. Long known as Lloyd's Signal Station, you can now rent this historic and iconic building that once provided safe navigation to passing ships. The vacation rental sleeps six guests and even accepts dogs! A signal station is similar to a lighthouse; it... Continue Reading →

Little Bohemia Lodge In Wisconsin: John Dillinger Slept Here

A few years back, House Crazy Sarah visited this fascinating old lodge in the north woods of Wisconsin. Little Bohemia Lodge was the site of the infamous Dillinger Gang shootout with the FBI in 1934 and was also the filming location of the 2008 Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies that depicted the botched raid which... Continue Reading →

The Most Charming Cafe in Paris: Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole

House Crazy Sarah loves all things French and Parisian. That's where one half of her ancestry hails from, after all. Naturally, she was completely charmed when she first saw this dainty little place. Known for its beautiful purple Wisteria draping the exterior, Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole dates back 500 years! Constructed in the year 1512,... Continue Reading →

The Literary Apartments In Kansas City, Missouri

The Literary Apartments in Kansas City, Missouri are a little known gem. They are named after famous literary figures. Also known as the Poet Apartments, the Literary Apartments were built between 1927-1929. The beautiful buildings are located in the Country Club Plaza district of Kansas City, Missouri. These photos of the apartment buildings were taken... Continue Reading →

Historic Wisconsin Church Converted To Spectacular Home

This grand 1901 church has been given new life as a private home and the theme is all about drama! Located on Main Street in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, this 1901 church has more of a European cathedral feel to it than a small town mid-western church. It has been reimagined as an unusual home with... Continue Reading →

Folsom’s Sugar House In Chester New Hampshire

It's the time of year to tap the maples because the sap is running. It's maple syrup making time! And look at this quaint little place House Crazy Sarah came across... Welcome to Folsom's Sugar House in Chester, New Hampshire. Folsom's Sugarhouse produces pure maple syrup, maple candy, cream, and sugar. The little yellow house... Continue Reading →

The Colored Girls Museum

Welcome to The Colored Girls Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. House Crazy Sarah stumbled upon this enchanting place in her usual way - whilst perusing the interwebs for meaningful, beautiful, historic things. The Colored Girls Museum is a multidisciplinary memoir museum focused on "the ordinary colored girl." It was founded by Vashti DuBois in 2015 and... Continue Reading →

1950’s Bank Building Converted To Industrial, Highly-Secure Home

House Crazy Sarah has featured historic bank buildings converted to homes before, but this one is a little different. In a distinct departure from the quaint architecture of those ornate 1800's classically-inspired bank buildings, this one is a mid-century 10,000 square foot run-of-the-mill office that some creative soul decided to give a contemporary/industrial makeover. The result... Continue Reading →

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