1870 School House No.1 In Winchester New Hampshire

Look at this lovely old school house that has been converted into a cozy home! Located in Winchester, New Hampshire, this cutie was built around 1870 and was historically called "Schoolhouse No.1" #1 has been lovingly renovated to modern standards, but the owners have ensured that a great deal of original character was preserved. The... Continue Reading →

The LaBianca House of Manson Murders Is For Sale

When House Crazy Sarah had her last blog, her most popular posts, by far, were in the category "Crime Scene Houses". She's not quite sure what that says about humanity (or her blog readers), but her being a binge-watcher of true-crime TV shows, she kind of gets the appeal. So if you are a fan... Continue Reading →

The Children’s Library On St. Joe’s Island, Ontario Canada

House Crazy Sarah visited the homeland (Canada) a couple weeks ago and she's already homesick 🙁 It was a quick visit so she didn't get to make her usual pilgrimage to St. Joe's Island, about an hour from her hometown. St. Joseph Island, Ontario, as it's officially called, is a large island in the northwestern... Continue Reading →

Ten Easy Steps To Becoming A Published Author

House Crazy Sarah has been approached many times over the years by youngsters (even oldsters!) asking how they can become published authors. So House Crazy Sarah has compiled this super-easy to-do checklist so you too can taste the sweet triumph of becoming a bonafide published author! 1)            Be a DOER (watch the movie Pain &... Continue Reading →

The Super Skinny Seely House

Look at this adorable, skinny pink house! It's known as the Seely House and it's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located in Mamaroneck, New York (25 miles north of New York City),  it was recently up for sale so us curious house-peepers get to see inside! First, some backstory on this one-of-a-kind... Continue Reading →

John Steinbeck’s Writer’s Studio in California

House Crazy Sarah is obsessed with writer's houses. And they don't have to be big fancy ones either. In fact, her favorite kind are the tiny cottages where writers hole up in smoky stupors creating works of genius, like this cozy studio once owned by the famed American author John Steinbeck (The Grapes of Wrath).... Continue Reading →

The Must Love Dogs Movie House

Must Love Dogs is one of House Crazy Sarah's favorite standby lonely-girl movies. It's a real cutsie flick about internet dating after divorce, and loving dogs (two things House Crazy Sarah knows a lot about!) But her favorite part of the movie is the darling craftsman bungalow that the main character *Sarah* lives in!  :)... Continue Reading →

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