A Restored Village Home In Abruzza, Italy

Have you ever wanted to live in a restored old house in a quaint village in Italy? Of course you have! Look no further than this gorgeous historic village home currently listed for sale for the equivalent of $111,000.00 US dollars. That is a very affordable price in Italy!  Anywhere, really. It is located in... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Paintings Of Old Houses By Julie Horner

Few things set House Crazy Sarah's heart a flutter as much as paintings of old houses. When she came across British artist Julie Horner's whimsical watercolours of cottage homes set in magical landscapes, she knew she had to feature them. House Crazy Sarah asked permission to display these images and also asked the artist a... Continue Reading →

Historic Methodist Church Converted To Divine Home

Last listed for sale in May of 2021 for a very affordable $195,000, this unique property is no longer showing as active so it's hard to tell if it sold or not. But that doesn't mean we can't take a peek inside via the listing photos! This beautifully renovated church dates back to 1889. It... Continue Reading →

1851 Colonial For Sale In New Hampshire

House Crazy Sarah has a soft spot for these charming New Englanders... Set on 5 acres in the quaint village of Gilsun, New Hampshire, this 1851 Colonial is the epitome of New England charm. It is located at 24 Main Street and it is currently listed for sale for $249,900. Have a look inside... The... Continue Reading →

Beautifully Preserved 1734 “High House” For Sale In London, England

This townhouse or High House - as the Brits call them, is around 300 years old! This Grade II* listed house has many of the original features from when it was built in 1734.  That's when George II was King of Great Britain! This veritable time capsule is for sale for the first time in... Continue Reading →

Another Mid-Century Modern Time Capsule Rancher!

Built in 1959, this rambling 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom rancher is stuck in the middle of last century - but in a good way! The L-shaped home wraps around a large corner lot in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 427 Maple Avenue was designed by Marlin Umberger, a highly regarded builder throughout the Hershey area for over 40... Continue Reading →

The Famous “Keyhole House” In Oregon Is For Sale

Built in 1892, this unique abode with its signature keyhole windows is up for sale! The price of this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2.300 square foot home is $489,900. Located in Albany, Oregon it is known as both the Keyhole House and the Castle of Chaos. Oh, and also the Hale House and the Jerry... Continue Reading →

The Fuggerei In Bavaria: The World’s Oldest Social Housing Complex

House Crazy Sarah is a firm believer that in order for humans to live fulfilling, thriving lives, they must have a home that is safe, beautiful, AND affordable. The Fuggerei in the city of Augsburg, Bavaria (about an hour from Munich), is a historic place that checks all these crucial boxes. The Fuggerei is a beautiful walled... Continue Reading →

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