Update From House Crazy Sarah

Howdy loyal readers of the House Crazy Sarah blog! House Crazy Sarah wanted to let everyone know that she is going to start posting less... maybe only 3-4 times a month. Why? Because she is traveling more now that people are allowed to move around - not like overseas travel (she's not rich!) - but... Continue Reading →

Reflections On A Year

It's been one helluva year for House Crazy Sarah!  At this time last year, she was living in Colorado, dreaming about one day returning to her homeland of Canada, not knowing if it would ever happen. Many long months followed of planning, applying, prepping, and logistical jigsaw puzzles complicated by the ever-present threat of COVID.... Continue Reading →

House Crazy Sarah Is Now A Resident Of Canada!

Well, she did it. House Crazy Sarah and her children successfully made the 1,800 mile journey from Colorado to her hometown in Northern Ontario! A million things could have gone wrong, but they didn't. The stars somehow all aligned and the Universe cleared a smooth path. Not that it wasn't difficult, because it was extremely... Continue Reading →

Floral Wallpaper Is Making A Splashing Comeback

Yes indeed, floral wallpaper has made a comeback! All patterns of wallpaper, really, but floral is fast becoming the top contender. Over her lifetime, House Crazy Sarah has looked at many, many houses. On an average day, she probably looks at more home interiors than most realtors. So when she started noticing a trend in... Continue Reading →

Modern People Who Live Vintage Lives

The Guardian recently featured an article about people in Great Britain who purposely live in time capsule homes and perform their daily lives like it is the era of their homes. House Crazy Sarah read it with rapt attention because she too, lives sort of an old fashioned life in a vintage house. But she... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Doing Nothing

The Japanese call non-doing "Boketto". Italians call it "La dolce far niente", - the sweetness of doing nothing. If there is any skill we should be honing during these long months of quarantine in this crazy, sputtering world, it is the art of doing nothing. Make no mistake friends, non-doing is a skill AND an... Continue Reading →

Crazy Real Estate Photos

House Crazy Sarah used to work with a bunch of Realtors so she has heard the horror stories. She's been in hundreds of houses herself and has seen some weird things, but the following real estate listing photos go above and beyond. Like this one for example: How would a realtor spin that?  "Good bones!"... Continue Reading →

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