Update From House Crazy Sarah

Howdy loyal readers of the House Crazy Sarah blog!

House Crazy Sarah wanted to let everyone know that she is going to start posting less… maybe only 3-4 times a month.


Because she is traveling more now that people are allowed to move around – not like overseas travel (she’s not rich!) – but weekend road-tripping like when she recently visited the famed Thatch House!

House Crazy Sarah loves exploring and now that she is in new surrounds – having moved back to Canada in 2021 – there are lots of great weekend road trips that await!

Plus her day job doing social work-y stuff is now completely remote so she stares at a screen all day long and most days her eyeballs feel like they will roll out of her head by the time it’s 5:00 pm.

So spending a couple more hours in the evening on the laptop working on her blog is causing some serious eye strain.

So even though she still LOVES bringing you enchanted old houses and fascinating places, she does need to pull back a bit to preserve her peepers.

No one likes to be tied to a screen for 10-12 hours a day.

House Crazy Sarah would much rather be out exploring!

So don’t be dismayed…. House Crazy Sarah will still bring you great content. It will just be less frequent – so it will be even more special!


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