Update From House Crazy Sarah

Howdy loyal readers of the House Crazy Sarah blog! House Crazy Sarah wanted to let everyone know that she is going to start posting less... maybe only 3-4 times a month. Why? Because she is traveling more now that people are allowed to move around - not like overseas travel (she's not rich!) - but... Continue Reading →

Reflections On A Year

It's been one helluva year for House Crazy Sarah!  At this time last year, she was living in Colorado, dreaming about one day returning to her homeland of Canada, not knowing if it would ever happen. Many long months followed of planning, applying, prepping, and logistical jigsaw puzzles complicated by the ever-present threat of COVID.... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Part-Time Vegetarian

House Crazy Sarah is somewhat of a vegetarian. Although she eats a fair amount of salad, she loves to drown salads in cheese. She consumes copious amounts of cheese, and pays for it later when her intestines throw up inside themselves. House Crazy Sarah will even enjoy the occasional burger, but only if it is... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins… Again

Well here she is, back for another round. House Crazy Sarah missed blogging so much after she sold her last blog House Crazy, that she decided to create a whole new blog. This time it's all about her, her silly life, and yes, her unnatural obsession with houses. She got tired of playing the publishing... Continue Reading →

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