The Journey Begins… Again

Well here she is, back for another round. House Crazy Sarah missed blogging so much after she sold her last blog House Crazy, that she decided to create a whole new blog. This time it’s all about her, her silly life, and yes, her unnatural obsession with houses.

She got tired of playing the publishing industry game of being serious and writing her brains out, editing, revising and submitting, getting rejected while being told how brilliant she is, doing it all over again and again. It was like being horse-whipped into writer submission. To hell with publishing another traditional book, she says, she’ll do her writing on her own terms! (She’s kind of feisty sometimes, other times she’s quiet and reserved.)

So she’s here again on the ‘net to make her mark, make you laugh, and make you cringe. (She does these things when she reads her own writing). She will post whenever something tickles her fancy, makes her mad, grosses her out, intrigues her or inspires her. Which could in theory be every day, but let’s be real. House Crazy Sarah does not have the energy she had when she was 20…or 30, or even 40. Heck, most nights she’s in bed by 8:30 and her children tuck her in.

Nonetheless, this blog thing will perhaps fulfill an insatiable restlessness that House Crazy Sarah suffers from by keeping her muses occupied. If her mind is not kept busy with creative pursuits, she tends to come unhinged. (Her mother and ex-husband will attest to that).

In fact, Jack Torrance from the Stephen King book The Shining is her inspiration. The thought of our friend Jack, going all batty up in the Colorado mountains is a constant reminder that she needs to keep her creative juices flowing and fruitful so she doesn’t end up running around in a hedge maze in a blizzard, chasing her bratty hooligans as they play hide and seek on her.

There will be a lot of Stephen King references in this blog, along with Hemingway, South Park, John Denver, and books like The Yellow Wallpaper. Keep in mind that House Crazy Sarah leans left-wing, liberal, socialist, feminist, snow flake-y progressive since she is after all, a Canadian living in Colorado.

So buckle up, buttercups, House Crazy Sarah is ba-ack!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy — Jack Torrance, The Shining

photo by: House Crazy Sarah


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