Little House Dream

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Once upon a time… House Crazy Sarah sold off almost everything she owned, packed up her kids and dogs, and moved to the other side of the country (again). She did so because she wanted to live in this rustic, elfin cottage in New York State.

House Crazy Sarah adored the charm and history of the house. You see, it was once on the grounds of the the Eastman Kodak company in Rochester, N.Y., as pictured here in this vintage postcard:

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In 1940, it was moved to its current location in Pittsford, N.Y., where it was used as a backyard art studio.

Tiny cottage
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Today it is used as a guest cottage, but in our dream, it’s House Crazy Sarah’s new house.

Tiny house
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It measures in at only 440 sq.ft. so it is officially one of them “tiny homes”.

tiny cottage
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You may think it ambitious that House Crazy Sarah would live here with her two kids – but look! They each get their own bunk!

tiny bathroom
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vintage sink
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And the pint-sized bathroom and vintage sink? Been there! Done that!

rustic cottage
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tiny cottage kitchen
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House Crazy Sarah can picture the three of them living here harmoniously, cooking meals in the wee kitchen and watching TV snuggled up together on the love seat.

tiny cottage
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And thus, House Crazy Sarah is rudely awakened from her little house dream. 🙁



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  1. It’s really annoying how reality keeps intruding on our fantasies, isn’t it? Welcome back.

  2. Hi! I stumbled on one of the entries on your former blog while searching for the Hallmark movie “The Christmas Card.” You listed the log cabin it featured as one of your favorite homes from a Christmas movie. Well… it’s actually my dad’s former house! They filmed it while he owned it (he sold it years ago, though). It has an interesting history! Notably, it was built buy a drug dealer who was trying to get out of “the biz” by building and selling custom log homes. That house was going to be the model home; the home for him and his family to live in and show. As luck would have it, he was busted right after finishing the home, and rather than let the government seize it, he quickly sold it to my dad for a fraction of what it was worth.

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