Inexplicable Things People Do To Their Houses

weird house
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House Crazy Sarah spent a couple years working in real estate in her checkered past. She also worked as a home visitor for one of her social work jobs. Apart from that, she stalks open houses relentlessly so she has probably been in more houses than there are in the city of San Francisco!

She has seen some weird things. But since it would be rude to take pictures of other peoples’ homes and post them on the intwerwebs, she will simply showcase a few pictures that other people have already posted online. (Unless otherwise noted, these are all photos floating around on Facebook.)

Like this beaut:

Vinyl siding!

Or this head scratcher :

ugly Belgian houses
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There HAS to be a reason! THERE. HAS. TO. BE.


Some interior treasures:

There is a solution for every problem…


Can you spot it?


Audience of chairs…


Twister party in the shower – yay or nay?


What, pray tell, could be in that room up there?

weird staircase

And how would one safely descend?


Then there’s the twin’s room:

double door knobs

(Double trouble.)


Here’s something for the water enthusiast:

waterfall sink

Waterfalls of fun!


And in the very unique floor category:

Just creepy.


And finally, the KING of all thrones:

weird toilet



ps… if you have any bizarre house photos, please send them to House Crazy Sarah! She loves that stuff!


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