Another Creepy Old Grey House

House Crazy Sarah should've saved this house for Halloween season because it embodies all things dark and ghoulish. But she just couldn't help herself - this house is too hilarious not to share, no matter what time of year! Coffin in the corner.... yay or nay? House Crazy Sarah loves her some color in her... Continue Reading →

Crazy Wild West House In Colorado

This masterpiece near the small mountain town of Buena Vista is not too far from where House Crazy Sarah lives in Colorado. Listed for sale for a whopping $3,750,000, this eclectic house reminds us that some people have more money than restraint. It even has a replica mine shaft! The massive 8,362 square foot dwelling... Continue Reading →

The House Of Sarcasm: Eye-Popping Art House In Portland Oregon

Welcome to The House of Sarcasm - an eye-popping house in Portland, Oregon that takes psychedelic décor to a whole new level! Artist Christine Claringbold and her husband Charles certainly are not shy when it comes to putting a little color in their 1924 bungalow. This fun couple takes great pleasure in living in a... Continue Reading →

Crazy Real Estate Photos

House Crazy Sarah used to work with a bunch of Realtors so she has heard the horror stories. She's been in hundreds of houses herself and has seen some weird things, but the following real estate listing photos go above and beyond. Like this one for example: How would a realtor spin that?  "Good bones!"... Continue Reading →

The Smith Lake Castle in Alabama

This place is outta this world! Actually it's an interesting combination of several worlds: part Martian moonscape, part Gothic cliff-hanger, part Medieval castle, part really bad decor from the 1980's. It's a real head-spinner, er, head-scratcher. Let's just call it what it is: a WTF were they thinking?? house But House Crazy Sarah loves houses... Continue Reading →

Inexplicable Things People Do To Their Houses

House Crazy Sarah spent a couple years working in real estate in her checkered past. She also worked as a home visitor for one of her social work jobs. Apart from that, she stalks open houses relentlessly so she has probably been in more houses than there are in the city of San Francisco! She... Continue Reading →

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