You Can Buy An Historic California Mission!

And live in it! House Crazy Sarah has long been enthralled with authentic California missions so she would jump at the chance to own this place - if only she could afford it! This unique home is located in the historic stronghold of Pasadena, California. And lucky for us, it's up for sale! Admittedly, this... Continue Reading →

For The Love Of Hoosier Cabinets

Oh the Hoosier... What self-respecting, antique-loving, old house aficionado doesn't have a Hooiser... or has pined for one all her/his adult life? House Crazy Sarah has compiled some photos of these amazing multi-functional beauties for your enjoyment. Being House Crazy Sarah, she can't let this opportunity go by without giving you a little history lesson....... Continue Reading →

Amazing Old House Transformation In Small Town Maine

Located in the town of Dover-Foxcroft in the state of Maine, is this gorgeous remodeled home. The house dates back to 1900 and was rescued from near ruin and given a second life - and a fabulous one at that! Brenda Schultz, an experienced old house rehabber, gave House Crazy Sarah permission to share these... Continue Reading →

Neil Armtrong’s Former Houston Home Is For Sale

Below is a photo of Neil Armstrong's family in July of 1969 in their mid-century Houston home watching Armstrong on television as he took his historic first steps on the moon. Look at the stress and trepidation on their faces! But it was all for naught because the Apollo 11 astronaut came home alive and... Continue Reading →

Bredevoort, Netherlands: The Most Bookish Town in Europe

Have you ever heard of a book town? A 'book town' is an officially designated site that caters to bibliophile tourists. Bredevoort (with a population of about 1,500) is a small medieval town in the Netherlands that was designated a book town in 1993 because of its more than 20 secondhand and antiquarian bookshops. In... Continue Reading →

Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon House

Elvis was here! And Priscilla too! This is the unique mid-century Palm Springs designer home where Elvis and Priscilla spent their honeymoon. Known as the ''House of Tomorrow'' and also as ''The Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway'', 1350 Ladera Circle, in Palm Springs, California is up for sale! This architectural gem has nearly 5,000 square feet... Continue Reading →

Cottage Peeping At Chautauqua Park In Boulder Colorado

One fine weekend not too long ago, House Crazy Sarah ventured up to Boulder, Colorado and stumbled upon the cutest little Victorian cottage/cabin community at the base of the famous Flat Iron mountains. It was called "The Colorado Chautauqua" at Chautauqua Park and it had everything from its own restaurant to its own general store.... Continue Reading →

Photographer Captures The Charming Doors Of London

There's something about a shiny front door decked out with pretty greenery and vintage hardware that makes House Crazy Sarah do a double take. British street wanderer and photographer Bella Foxwell has made a career out of photographing the charming front doors she comes across in her foot travels around London. Doors that combine history,... Continue Reading →

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