The Old Customs House By The River

Have a look at this fascinating place known as the Old Customs House. It was built around the year 1750. It is located in Tappahannock, Virginia in the Historic District on a prominent spot overlooking the Rappahannock River. It was this key location that resulted in the home being used as a "Customs House" -... Continue Reading →

Christmas At The Maplegrove Inn

Christmas at the Maplegrove Inn near the town of Riverside-Albert in New Brunswick Canada is magical in a rural country inn kind of way. House Crazy Sarah has previously featured the Maplegrove Inn on this website. You can check out some summer photos of the gorgeous old house here. The Maplegrove Inn is actually an... Continue Reading →

Magical Vintage Cottage In Finland

Have a look at this absolutely enchanting historic cottage in Finland! The off-grid home and accompanying sauna and outhouse are located in Finland in the Savonia region. This area is also known as the Finnish Lakeland or the Finnish lake district. Owners Katja and Petri have graciously allowed photos of their home to be shared... Continue Reading →

Cheeky Vintage Christmas Cards

When House Crazy Sarah started searching for vintage Christmas cards online, she thought she'd find adorable, festive pleasantries from years past. But she was surprised to find that many oldies ventured into cheeky land... and beyond. In fact, some were downright creepy and disturbing. Many were just... inexplicable. There were so many bizarro antique Christmas... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Inkwell Cottage In The Cotswolds, UK

Time to cosy up in this charming vacation rental - or as they call them in the UK, self-catering homestays. Inkwell Cottage is located in the bucolic Cotswold village of Burford in Oxfordshire, UK. As its name suggests, Inkwell Cottage is the perfect hideaway for the introspective writer or solitary artist. The cottage is built... Continue Reading →

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