19th Century Water Mill Home In Southwest France For Sale

Don't we all dream of owning and living in a fabulous French villa? House Crazy Sarah sure does! This FSBO is located in a rural location in the SW corner of France in the heart of ‘duck’ country close to the Gers/Landes border. This 19th Century former water mill-turned house is priced at €575,000. It... Continue Reading →

1930’s Pueblo Revival In Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona doesn't get a whole lot of recognition for its historic homes, but there are some fabulous gems in downtown Tucson that House Crazy Sarah has come across in her travels. This historic Tucson home was recently listed for sale for the first time in over 55 years! You know you are in for... Continue Reading →

The John Johnston House In Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

House Crazy Sarah did a little house-peeping in person recently and came across this old beauty in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is set up as an old house museum in a row of historic buildings that the public can tour, but it was by far the most fascinating because it had the most... Continue Reading →

1895 Victorian On A Private Island

Look at this amazing historic spread in the 1000 Islands region of New York. Let's pretend we are millionaires who are considering buying this place! Priced at $1,950,000, this gorgeous property is located on a small island near Clayton, New York. With 10 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms in 6,421 square feet, this would be our... Continue Reading →

Chestnut Cottage In Columbia, South Carolina

Here is an appealing old house with a fascinating history. Chesnut Cottage is located in the historic district of downtown Columbia, South Carolina. It was once the home of Mary Boykin Chesnut and her husband, General James Chesnut. Who? James Chesnut Jr. was a Democratic senator in 1858–60. But when Abraham Lincoln was elected president... Continue Reading →

The Crooked House of Windsor

This quirky, off-balance structure is famously known as The Crooked House of Windsor. It is a Grade II listed commercial building in Windsor, England dating back 1687. The structure, which is also called The Market Cross House, was reconstructed in the eighteenth century and now stands at "an outrageous slant." It has three storeys and... Continue Reading →

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