David Malouf Art Deco House In Brisbane, Australia

If you are a fan of the Art Deco movement, then you will appreciate the David Malouf House in Brisbane, Australia. The house is named for the Australian author David Malouf who lived here for a number of years and wrote some of his most famous works here. David Malouf - b. 1934 The home... Continue Reading →

Eureka Springs Arkansas Folk Victorian Cottage For Sale

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is one of House Crazy Sarah's favorite places to house-peep. The town is renowned for its quaint Victorian cottages that dot the hilly landscape. This adorable Folk-Victorian Cottage is located on the "Upper Historic Loop" - the heart of the historic Eureka Springs. This is not a huge house at 1,430 square... Continue Reading →

Historic Country Estate in New Jersey

When you think of New Jersey, historic houses are not usually the first thing that come to mind, but there are some fabulous historic properties in this oft-overlooked state. One fine example that recently went under contract is this country estate with a main house that dates back to the 1850s. It is located on... Continue Reading →

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