Chalet Saudade In Sintra, Portugal

Look at this dreamy historic hotel that House Crazy Sarah came across in the town of Sintra, Portugal. Chalet Saudade dates back to 19th century and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Chalet Saudade recently underwent a 5-year renovation to modernize and also to preserve its historic character including stunning trompe l’œil frescoes and romantic gardens... Continue Reading →

1888 Church Converted To A Luxe Home In Lake Forest, Illinois

Another fabulous church conversion! The Ferry Hall Chapel was built in 1888 in Lake Forest, Illinois - a posh, wooded enclave just north of Chicago along the western shore of Lake Michigan. The Ferry Hall Chapel is notable because it was designed by architect Henry Ives Cobb. This church/home is located just one block from Lake... Continue Reading →

Blue Victorian Cottage With Yellow Door In Old Colorado City

Whenever House Crazy Sarah misses Colorado (where she lived for nearly 20 years), she goes house hunting in her old 'hoods! She found this charming Victorian-era home in Old Colorado City, where she once lived for a couple of years. This little cutie is listed for a whopping $425,000 - prices sure have gone up... Continue Reading →

Scenes of Domestic Bliss By Artist Lucy Almey Bird

House Crazy Sarah recently came across this amazing artist and she is in love! British painter Lucy Almey Bird creates the most whimsical images of all of House Crazy Sarah's favorite things: private interior spaces, solitary women doing what they love, beloved pets, antiques, books, and comfy old chairs. Lucy's subject matter centers around snapshots... Continue Reading →

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