A Town You Can Buy: Story, Indiana

House Crazy Sarah knows there are people out there like her who dream about being able to leave the treadmill of 9-5 and buy a place like this, where time has stood still. The historic town of Story, Indiana is up for sale - the whole thing - and it could be yours... if you... Continue Reading →

Decorative Old Heat Radiators

House Crazy Sarah once heard someone say they wouldn't buy an old house because it would be too expensive to rip out all the old radiators and replace them with a new system. True story. House Crazy Sarah says: people like that SHOULD NOT OWN OLD HOUSES! Is she right? Look at the intricate elegance... Continue Reading →

Buy A Villa In Tuscany For Only $80,000!

Have your own Under The Tuscan Sun experience with this amazing deal in Tuscany! Imagine yourself as Frances Mayes on vacation in Tuscany, stumbling by chance upon this diamond in the rough in a small village on the slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. On a whim, you scrape up all your savings and have enough... Continue Reading →

1907 Church Converted To A Home

House Crazy Sarah came across this amazing church-to-house conversion in an old house owners Facebook Group. She was so impressed with the befores and afters, she just had to contact the owners to see if they would share their photos on her little old blog. They graciously agreed! Taylor and Alexandra Abbott are the very... Continue Reading →

Little Green Gets A Face-lift

Last spring House Crazy Sarah noticed that Little Green was shedding a little bit of paint. Throughout the summer, the peeling became worse and by August, it was coming off at an alarming rate. House Crazy Sarah knew she had to act fast to save and preserve Little Green's original wood siding! So she called... Continue Reading →

Baldwin’s Book Barn

An antique barn filled with vintage books? Why yes, my friends, there exists such a fairy-tale place! Baldwin's Book Barn is located in the enchanting Brandywine Valley area of historic Chester County, Pennsylvania. And this place is the unicorn of all book lover's fantasies! It looks like a movie set, but this place is the real... Continue Reading →

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