Little Green Gets A Face-lift

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Last spring House Crazy Sarah noticed that Little Green was shedding a little bit of paint. Throughout the summer, the peeling became worse and by August, it was coming off at an alarming rate.

House Crazy Sarah knew she had to act fast to save and preserve Little Green’s original wood siding!

So she called some painters around town and only one guy responded to her. He came up with a quote of over $8,000! House Crazy Sarah about had a heart attack!

You see, she had wanted to paint Little Green another color, perhaps blue, red, yellow, or a lighter shade of green. But alas, as she had suspected, the current emerald green color was so dark and saturated that it would take extra prep, extra paint, and extra coats to cover up the bright green so that more than doubled the cost for painting it a new color. The decisions was made for House Crazy Sarah: Little Green would remain emerald green with a new paint job for less than half the cost it would be for a whole new color. (House Crazy Sarah is not made of money, folks!)

So the painters began by power-washing off the chipping paint and letting the house dry a full two days before they began patching and priming.

You can imagine how traumatic it was when House Crazy Sarah came home from work one day to this:

Oh mortification!

She prayed to baby God Jesus and Mother Mary that the painters would not go contractor AWOL and leave Little Green in such a pitiful state for an indefinite amount of time.

Thankfully the painters came back the next day and taped and sprayed the whole house and garage in record time, but they left a mess of paint chips for House Crazy Sarah to pick up. Grrrr….

Also, they didn’t do a great job with the cream colored paint around the windows…

So House Crazy called the boss man and read the riot act. He apologized profusely and said he would be back next week to fix it himself. That’s good, because House Crazy Sarah hasn’t paid him yet!

Anyway, House Crazy Sarah is pleased to have Little Green put back together with  fall decor and a nice new shiny green coat of paint. Little Green is happy to have someone as an owner who takes such good care of her 🙂

Green house


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