The Real Life Amityville Horror House

This is the granddaddy of all haunted houses... ...the real life Amityville Horror House! House Crazy Sarah is a big fan of the original movie from 1979.... she's a sucker for that crazed bearded look sported by hunky James Brolin. He's an old man now, but back in the day - well let's just say... Continue Reading →

Another Lustron Beauty!

One of the most popular posts recently on this blog is a period perfect Lustron home in Indiana. Well one of House Crazy Sarah's readers unearthed another one just like it in Ohio! These things are so fascinating! They were built almost entirely with enameled steel by the Lustron Corporation to house WW2 veterans during... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Bill’s House From The Silence Of The Lambs Movie Is For Sale

House Crazy Sarah is so excited that Buffalo Bill's house from The Silence of the Lambs movie is up for sale again! The creepy final scenes from the 1991 horror blockbuster were filmed on location at this 1910 3-story Queen Anne Victorian. That's right - Buffalo Bill - our second favorite psychotic villain from the... Continue Reading →

Oldest Pub In The World: Sean’s Bar In Ireland

Sean's Bar is a pub in Athlone, Ireland, notable for its claim of being established around AD 900, which would make it the oldest bar in Ireland and possibly the world! As you can see from these photos, the owners like to change up the exterior colors on a fairly regular basis. Just part of... Continue Reading →

Artist Suzanne Moxhay Creates Haunting Indoor Landscapes

These surreal and somber landscapes by British artist Suzanne Moxhay are made by using an early 20th-century photomontage technique called matte painting. By mixing her original photography with historic archival images, she creates delicate, unsettling masterpieces. Her subject matter is interiors of urban decay; long abandoned mansions and buildings that seem to be in the... Continue Reading →

The Lent-Riker Homestead: Oldest Inhabited House In New York

“Want to come see my cemetery?” That was all the invitation Marion Duckworth Smith needed to accompany her date to his historic home in East Elmsworth, Queens, New York, near LaGuardia airport in the fall of 1979. The fact that the house dates back to times before airplanes, heck, before the United States was even... Continue Reading →

The Johnny Cash Home In Hendersonville, Tennessee For Sale

This isn't the famous lakeside home of Johnny and June Cash that was completely destroyed by fire in 2007. This is the home across the road that he bought for his parents. Below are the ruins of Johnny's burnt-out home on Old Hickory Lake: And in this photo, you can see the home he bought... Continue Reading →

Rose Cottage In Enterprise, Oregon

This one is a beauty, but she may be a little too... overdone? Have a look inside and see for yourself. Rose Cottage is located in Enterprise, Oregon. She was built in 1906 and the current owner has her dressed to the nines! Currently for sale for $369,000, this gingerbread Victorian has 3 bedrooms and... Continue Reading →

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