Vintage Cottage Delight

House Crazy Sarah has found another darling cottage for you! This cozy home is 850 square feet with two bedrooms, one full bath, and one half bath tucked under the stairs. This sweet baby house is located in the historic village of Ossining, New York. More specifically, it is situated in the Campwoods Grounds community... Continue Reading →

A Word On Bad Reviews

Nowadays, any turd can go online and ruin someone's life/business/family. But in the book reviewing industry, there has long been a level of depravity that is unparalleled when it comes to hateful snarkiness. too bad for the talent the author obviously possesses. This was a line from a bad review House Crazy Sarah received about... Continue Reading →

1850’s Irish Cottage

House Crazy Sarah has Irish roots. But not as much as she originally thought. According to her Ancestry DNA spit-in-the-tube test, her genes are mostly French. But she still identifies with all things Irish. And she longs to someday live in the quintessential Irish cottage with a thatched roof. Like this darling residence in "the... Continue Reading →

Edgar Allan Poe Themed Bookstore

Look at this charming little place that House Crazy Sarah stumbled upon on the interwebs! This distinguished book selling establishment pays homage to the late writer Edgar Allan Poe, master of the creepy and macabre. Don't his eyes just pierce your mortal soul!? Anyway, NeverMore Books is located in the quaint antebellum coastal town of... Continue Reading →

Mount Vernon With House Crazy Sarah

While recently on tour in Washington DC, House Crazy Sarah had the opportunity to visit the historic home of the first president of the United States, General George Washington. His family home, Mount Vernon, was a plantation estate situated on the Potomac river in Fairfax County, Virginia. House Crazy Sarah is ashamed to admit that... Continue Reading →

House Peeping in Washington DC

House Crazy Sarah was recently in Washington DC. She was a chaperone for her son's middle school trip. Goddess bless her. She survived. While she was kept very busy herding and keeping up with the boisterous, bratty tweens and teens, she was able to snap a couple of house pictures on the sly. She's sneaky... Continue Reading →

Immigrant Thug Life

It’s true that House Crazy Sarah is a Canadian immigrant living in the United States. In 2002, she went on “vacation” down to Colorado to visit a dude she met on the internet. They quickly got married and she ended up staying. Forthright people sometimes ask House Crazy Sarah: But you’re here legally, right? Yes,... Continue Reading →

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