House Peeping in Washington DC

The White House

House Crazy Sarah was recently in Washington DC. She was a chaperone for her son’s middle school trip. Goddess bless her. She survived.

House Crazy Sarah in Washington DC

While she was kept very busy herding and keeping up with the boisterous, bratty tweens and teens, she was able to snap a couple of house pictures on the sly. She’s sneaky like that.

downtown Washington DC

Of course, her love for houses is like a primal instinct that takes over and is beyond her control, so she was shirking on her chaperone duties when her eyeballs caught sight of the gorgeous Washington DC row houses.

Washington DC row houses

She apologizes for some of the blurry images, but it was hard to get a good shot when the tour bus was whizzing around town at the speed of light.

She tried to get clean, people-free shots, but it was cool to capture some of the locals too.

There are some gorgeous homes in the DC area. House Crazy Sarah was drooling at times. (Although that may have also been from sleep deprivation.)

Many of the row houses date waaaay back to the 1700’s.

Washington DC row houses

House Crazy Sarah was particularly enamored with the DC “half houses” – so named because they appear to be only half a house.

Washington DC half house

Original builders engaged in such trickery back in the day because it meant they had to pay less in taxes.

In the 18th century, home owners were taxed by the number of doors and windows their houses had.

The District of Columbia is only 68.3 square miles so houses had to be squished in tight and cozy.

There is so much history in DC, even the realtors have historic offices!

There are many ornate old houses of worship in Washington DC.

Washington DC historic church

Not the least of which is the National Cathedral. She is having a little repair work done from the damage she sustained during the earthquake a couple years back.

National Cathedral

Then there are the houses of congress in the US capitol building…

US Capitol Building

(House Crazy Sarah can take some good pictures when she’s not confined to a demonic tour bus.)

Below, you can see that the House of Representatives is also undergoing some restoration work.

US Capitol Building

And last but not least, House Crazy Sarah is always trying to find the little nooks and crannies that don’t make the guide books… like this quiet little spot on capitol hill:

You want a friend in Washington DC?

Get a dog.

-Harry S. Truman


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