Unusual Gravestones

House Crazy Sarah is one of those people who loves roaming around in old cemeteries. If you enjoy her blog, you may be one of those people too! You can find the most unusual gravestones in graveyards, even newer ones. Like this poor lad: Or this gentleman with the very worn, um, lump in his... Continue Reading →

Creepy Antique Dolls

House Crazy Sarah loves old things... but antique dolls have always given her a cold shiver up the spine. It's hard to identify exactly why vintage dolls are so creepy. Could it be the frozen facial expressions... The unbalanced proportions... Or just deterioration from age? Perhaps it is a combination of all these things. Good... Continue Reading →

The Servants Staircase

House Crazy Sarah doesn't want servants... she does her own housework. But she's always wanted an old house with a servant's staircase. Why? Just because they are so narrow and steep and unique. And House Crazy Sarah loves all things old and funky. Servant staircases were typically located off the kitchen or back part of... Continue Reading →

For The Love Of Hoosier Cabinets

Oh the Hoosier... What self-respecting, antique-loving, old house aficionado doesn't have a Hooiser... or has pined for one all her/his adult life? House Crazy Sarah has compiled some photos of these amazing multi-functional beauties for your enjoyment. Being House Crazy Sarah, she can't let this opportunity go by without giving you a little history lesson....... Continue Reading →

Funky Conversation Pits

How fun were the conversation pits of the 1960's and 1970's? There's something about these socially intimate spaces that is just so appealing. When House Crazy Sarah thinks of vintage conversation pits of the 1960's and 70's, she envisions wild sex parties with long-haired men and women and lots of old fashioned pot smoking.  You?... Continue Reading →

Naughty Needlework

Most of these delightfully naughty needlepoints are not truly vintage works - some of them clearly reflect modern sensibilities. For that reason, they are even more fun to look at. Needlepoint, or cross stitch, has historically been used by women to practice their needlework skills and to decorate homes. But contemporary women have raised the... Continue Reading →

Historic Country Post Offices In Rural America

Being a country gal, House Crazy Sarah loves old, rural post offices. In the US, there are plenty of historic, small country post offices, some of which are still operating to this day. Have a look at some of America's historic rural community USPS gems... Spring Gap, Maryland Cornucopia, Wisconsin Adam Run, South Carolina Shaniko,... Continue Reading →

Vintage Bicycles

House Crazy Sarah, being the purveyor of all things old and funky, loves, loves, LOVES the elegant lines of vintage bicycles. She adores how people decorate antique bicycles with flowers and signs and pretty things. The adorned bicycles make for gorgeous yard art at both homes and businesses. Have a look-see at some of these... Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened To The Ubiquitous House Dress?

As you might know, House Crazy Sarah likes to lounge around her house in fuzzy pajamas. When she does housework or walks the dogs, she wears old sweats with bleach stains and fraying hems. But there was a time not so long ago, when our grandmothers and even our mothers, wore only dresses around the... Continue Reading →

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