Antique Ice Boxes And Vintage Fridges

Ah.... the vintage ice box. They are something you don't see very often outside of Ebay and old house museums, but when you come across one by chance, it's a thrill. Let's take a closer look at these relics from the past. Nobody can say with any certainty who invented the concept of refrigeration. People... Continue Reading →

Cheeky Vintage Christmas Cards

When House Crazy Sarah started searching for vintage Christmas cards online, she thought she'd find adorable, festive pleasantries from years past. But she was surprised to find that many oldies ventured into cheeky land... and beyond. In fact, some were downright creepy and disturbing. Many were just... inexplicable. There were so many bizarro antique Christmas... Continue Reading →

Vintage Love: Old Photographs Of Passionate Couples Kissing

House Crazy Sarah loves this iconic 1945 photo of a sailor in Times Square kissing a woman in a nurse uniform during a moment of passion after learning of the end of the war. But the true story behind the photo is not one of a couple reuniting in a romantic embrace, rather, it was... Continue Reading →

The Oldest Vacuum Cleaners

It's been a while since House Crazy Sarah featured some Cool Old Stuff, but she recently happened across this 1906 photo of a monstrously huge early model vacuum and she was intrigued. So let's have a closer look at the oldest and earliest vacuum cleaners! The first vacuum cleaners were rather large and cumbersome. Before... Continue Reading →

Kiddie Car Seats From Yesteryear

Any parent knows that you practically have to have a PhD to install a car seat these days - and that's not hyperbole. Research tells us that almost 60% of car seats are actually installed incorrectly! But back in the day... ANYTHING went. Literally, anything.  Case in point: Today it's all rear facing, five-point restraint... Continue Reading →

Witch Windows

Not too long ago, House Crazy Sarah featured an old Vermont home with a Witch Window. Intrigued, she thought she'd dig a little deeper into this unique feature. A witch window (also known as a Vermont window, among other names) is a window - usually a double-hung sash window or a single-sided casement window - placed in the gable-end... Continue Reading →

The Tiny Doors In The US Capitol Building

There's been a lot of hub-bub around the US Capitol Building lately. But would you like to learn a little known fact about the Capitol's architecture? There are actually tiny doors located throughout the Capitol Building! House Crazy Sarah was delighted to find out about these mysterious pint-sized portals that can be found along the... Continue Reading →

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