Rustic Mountain Retreat For Sale In Crodo Italy

House Crazy Sarah is enamored with cozy tucked-away mountain huts in the Italian Alps. This historic stone sweetheart is for sale for the very affordable price of $136,000 - US dollars! It is located in a place called Alpe Deccia near Crodo, Italy. The setting is a high mountain pasture accessible by car in the... Continue Reading →

A 1921 Sears Kit House

It's always such a thrill to come across an original Sears kit home! This beauty, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is The Puritan model from 1921. The owner, Nancy, has the framed original Sears catalog listing for the house, and she has graciously shared these photos of her home with us. Nancy and her family have... Continue Reading →

Amazing Time Capsule Mid-Century Rancher

Here's another mid-century stunner! This 1958 "Modernist Ranch" is located in Rancho Mirage, California. The exterior is fabulous, but you have to see the interior to truly appreciate this time-capsule. It's an absolute time warp! From the Terrazzo flooring to the impeccable mid-century furnishings, this place is like stepping back into the 1950's. This classic... Continue Reading →

Sage Canyon Cliff House Near Mesa Verde Colorado

Let's kick off the New Year with something utterly unique and gorgeous! This house is literally built into the redstone desert rock near Mesa Verde, Colorado. It's a vacation rental so you can bask yourself in the glory of the desert southwest for a few nights. And, sleep under a rock - literally. This humble... Continue Reading →

Christmas At Bobbi’s Bungalow: A 1920’s Time Capsule

Welcome to Christmas at Bobbi's Bungalow! A reader sent House Crazy Sarah photos of the time she spent Christmas in this vintage vacation rental. Bobbi’s Bungalow is a wonderfully renovated arts and crafts bungalow located in historic West Liberty, Ohio.  It is decorated to reflect the 1920's era, and in these photos,  it is adorned... Continue Reading →

The Lobie Fulcher House All Decked Out For Christmas

Realtors usually recommend that you don't show seasonal decorations in listing photos when your house is for sale, because it dates the listing. But House Crazy Sarah disagrees! She's just drawn to listing photos that depict houses all decked out for the holidays because it shows that the owners CARE FOR and LOVE their precious... Continue Reading →

Ralphie’s Real Life House From A Christmas Story!

Here's a classic favorite for the holidays. Did you know that the house featured in the movie A Christmas Story is a real house located in Cleveland, Ohio? And, you can go tour it because it has been preserved as a museum! A Christmas Story House is an attraction in Cleveland, Ohio's Tremont neighborhood. The 19th-century Victorian was used... Continue Reading →

The House Of Many Carpet Colors

This house is astounding! Not only is it a pristinely preserved affordable 1970's time capsule currently listed on the market for $160,000, it has the most extensive collection of colorful shag carpet - quite possibly in the world! House Crazy Sarah is completely blown away but the sea of colorful shag carpets. Not to mention... Continue Reading →

Claude Monet’s House In Giverny France

This is a house of an artist. This house and the gardens are where Claude Monet lived and painted for 43 years. The estate was classified as a monument historique in 1976. Located in Giverny, France, the Monet house is the second most visited tourist site in Normandy after the Mont Saint-Michel. Monet's Impressionist paintings of... Continue Reading →

The Real Life Miracle On 34th Street Movie House

One of House Crazy Sarah's favorite movies to watch around the holiday season is the original  Miracle on 34th Street with Maureen O'Hara and Natalie Wood. The 1947 film is mostly set in downtown Manhattan at a pre-war highrise apartment building and of course, at the historic flagship Macy’s store. The sets for the apartment... Continue Reading →

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