Decorative Old Heat Radiators

antique steam radiator

House Crazy Sarah once heard someone say they wouldn’t buy an old house because it would be too expensive to rip out all the old radiators and replace them with a new system. True story.

House Crazy Sarah says: people like that SHOULD NOT OWN OLD HOUSES!

Is she right?

Look at the intricate elegance of these things!

It would be a mortal sin to rip out these old beauties and throw them in the dump!

Not all old heat radiators are this ornate, but even the plain ones are superior to forced air heat and wood-burning heat in terms of providing cleaner air for those with allergies.

Plus, look at the functionality of these radiators:

They call these ones “bread warmers” because people in the Victorian age actually kept bread and baked goods in the compartments to stay warm.

The compartments were also used to keep plates toasty-warm and ready for dinner serving:

Fun fact: steam radiators were first invented in the 1850’s by Polish-born Russian businessman, Franz San Galli in chilly St. Petersburg. Steam eventually fell out of favor for hot water heat, which was quieter and safer.

One type of old heat radiator that you’ve probably never seen:


House Crazy Sarah found these pictures on Facebook. An old house owner proudly posted them to show off her round radiators and, based on the hundreds of replies, these the round variations are very rare.

But aren’t they exquisite?

This is where beauty, function, and utility meet!


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